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Where Do You Use Your Bone Conduction Headphones

Where Do You Use Your Bone Conduction Headphones

I’m writing this articles post for my own benefit just as much as everyone else’s on this occasion, what I mean by that is I’m looking for inspiration and ideas. Our regular readers will know that over the past few years my Bone Conduction headphones have now become my primary headphones. 

A pair that started out as my 3rd set, alongside my everyday Apple Beats and my noise-canceling oversized Skull Candies, have now become my number one set. I feel a little bit guilty if I’m being honest, especially for my Apple Beats which have now been relegated to my spare pair.

First Pair of Bone Conduction Headphones

Bone Conduction Headphones Amazon

I originally bought my Bone Conduction headphones after doing research for some of the other articles I was working on. I thought it would be useful to understand how they worked through direct usage and to see where they could improve my lifestyle.

Something we’ve spoken about in a previous articles. We’ve also touched on locations too. What places do you use your Bone Conduction headphones and what locations do you choose not to use them?

That is the question I’m asking today, and I’d love to hear from readers and my fellow writers on this site. Has your journey been similar to mine? Did you originally buy your Bone Conduction headphones to compliment your existing sets as I did, only to discover they edged out your older headphones as time went on? If so, I’d love to hear the story of how this happened.

Please see some of our other Bone Conduction Headphone articles such as “Would Your Lifestyle Benefit From Bone Conduction Headphones? and “Historic Milestones in Bone Conduction Headphone Technology.”

Favorite Locations To Use My Bone Conduction Headphones

Magic pink Rhododendron flowers on summer mountain

I’ve touched on my favorite locations to use my Bone Conduction headphones before earlier, but I thought it may be interesting to examine each of these and why my Bone Conduction headphones have become my number one set there. There are also some new additions and some places where I’ve decided not to use them, and I’ll explain why.

So, over the past 3 years here is a breakdown of the various places where Bone Conduction headphones have infiltrated my life and edged out their competition:

On Vacation

Now all holidays are different, our last article talked about a holiday our friend went on with many members of his family where his father-in-law liked his Bone Conduction headphones very much. As a man who suffers from partial deafness, he was overjoyed to finally find a set of headphones that worked. he also bought him his own pair (a more expensive pair than his own I might add) and was looking forward to him opening them on Christmas morning.

But we’ve discussed that holiday, today I’d like to talk about another I’ve not been on yet and how I believe my Bone Conduction headphones are going to be an utter Godsend. As a resident of Alaska, our weather ranges wildly depending on the season and the location. The state is large and diverse it has many different climates

Where some areas are known for its heavy rainfall like the inside passage (and it should be), what many people don’t know is our climate is always changing. Our summers can be warm ion places like Fairbanks, and our winters can be bitterly cold of course above the arctic circle like Barrow. So once the festive season is over many residents become sunseekers to escape the ice and snow, that lingers into April or May sometimes.

Sunbathing in January/February

Sunbathing in January and February is something some very much look forward to. But also for some parental responsibility means it’s not what it used to be. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that sunbathing is no longer about lying back and relaxing with your noise-canceling headphones on. Nope, now you’ve got to make sure any children you have are safe as they jump in and out of the pool, or that they don’t leave the resort and go wandering off.

Essentially you need to stay alert. Thank you then to my Bone Conduction headphones, these will mean I can relax and enjoy some tunes but still be aware of my surroundings. As my ears will still be free and unobstructed, I can have a degree of alertness that my other headphones can’t offer. So that’s the first place my older headphones will be relegated and replaced by Bone Conduction headphones.

Getting Out In Nature

I love the great outdoors, be it exploring a forest on a country walk with my dog, cycling across some rough terrain, or taking a leisurely stroll in the countryside. And of course, I do this while wearing headphones. I previously used my Apple Beats for this but over time they have been replaced by my Bone Conduction headphones, here’s why:

The main reason is the same as above. It allows me to stay alert and aware of my surroundings especially when walking, hiking, or cycling, not staying alert with any of these activities in Alaska can be dangerous so my Bone Conduction headphones mean I can do them relatively safely, keeping my wits about me while I also enjoy my various locations and acrtivities.

Walking And Exploring

As for walking and exploring, I only ever listen to headphones when I’m alone or just with my dog. If I greet another person then my Bone Conduction headphones mean I can hear what they say. Or hear the dog if he barks to make me aware of something.

My Bone Conduction headphones also slide comfortably behind my hood, so most people don’t even realize I’m wearing headphones as my ears aren’t covered. This means I don’t need to take them off when I enter a conversation. Ever had a conversation with someone in headphones or earphones and felt they weren’t really listening to you? It comes off rude and Bone Conduction headphones eliminate this.

While Working

As a project manager and a writer, I work from home and in a business office. Many of our meetings today have turned in to online or “Zoom: meetings. While in my home I have my own office, which is out of the way and separates from everyone else the general hustle and bustle of the home can still reach my ears. The truth is this is how I like it. I want to be able to hear the general goings-on of the family, it communicates to me that everything and everyone is okay.

Having the radio, an audiobook or my music on in the office or any other pair of traditional headphones muffles this noise, and quite honestly, I find it comforting and reassuring while I work. My Bone Conduction headphones allow me to listen to my own audio but also keeping an ear focused on my surroundings.

Sometimes I’ll choose to do some writing, prep, or notes in a main living area like the dining room or living room. Here the family goes about their business and it’s just nice to be near it all. As a writer when I wear my Bone Conduction headphones I can enter the zone’ and certain playlists allow me to enter this state to work. Bone Conduction headphones allow me to enter the zone’ but without being ignorant to the people around me. If they need me, I can hear them.

On The Phone

Much of my time throughout the day is spent on the telephone at work. When in my vehicle or throughout the day I wear my Bone Conduction Headphones to talk on the phone. It is often better than the vehicles hand free option.

I am also constantly multi-tasking and can do so many things while also talking on the phone when necessary. Instead of using the phone’s speaker to be hands-free, I can keep my conversations private while also listening to the outside world.


We’ve talked about the sound benefits of Bone Conduction headphones before. Bone Conduction works differently to Air Conduction. Rather than noise traveling into your ears, it rumbles through your bones. This can be deeply relaxing.

The last time I mentioned this my noise-canceling Skull Candy headphones were still my number one for listening to relaxation tracks, but no longer. The deeper sound that Bone Conduction creates allows these relaxing messages to really permeate.

You’re not hearing this; you’re feeling it and it’s easy to lose yourself in relaxation. If you’re too tired to read a novel and happen to have it on audio, you can lie back and let an audiobook wash over you. It’s incredible and I didn’t fully appreciate it until I discovered Bone Conduction headphones. That’s another spot where my Bone Conduction headphones have replaced an older paid.

Where Do I Choose Not To Use My Bone Conduction Headphones?

Believe it or not, there are still several places where I continue to use my Apple Beats and noise-canceling Skull Candy headphones. When flying on an airplane I use my noise-canceling headphones. Why? I need to cancel the noise.

When traveling you can lose yourself in an iPad or a portable games console and drown out the sound of an airport or bus station with your own noise. Unfortunately, Bone Conduction headphones don’t do the job of canceling noise, so this may be the last bastion of the noise-canceling headphones!

I also use my Apple Beats if I’m a passenger on a long car or train journey. Here I can lose myself in the audio and drown out the sound of the traffic or rail noise. I use my Apple Beats because the Skull Candies would be too bulky.

Bone Conduction Headphones Have Overtaken all of My Other Headphones 

My Bone Conduction headphones have overtaken out all my other headphones apart from in these two areas. But who knows, as the technology improves will they conquer my entire audible life in time? I’ll let you know.

Please tell me about your experiences. What is your Bone Conduction journey and is it like mine?

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We are a website that writes helpful articles about the latest technology for emergency preparedness and power grid energy. We try new devices and analyze their quality, durability, effects, for emergency preparedness.

This site is owned and operated by Fremontii, LLC. Fremontii, LLC. is a participant in Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to