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Would Your Lifestyle Benefit From Bone Conduction Headphones?

Would Your Lifestyle Benefit From Bone Conduction Headphones
Benefits of Bone Conduction Headphones

For example, if you listen to headphones during times when you most value their noise-canceling features, wanting to relax and block out the world, then Bone Conduction headphones may not be the best choice at that given moment. However, if you’re in a quiet place like lying in bed and you want to do this, then their deep vibratory signal can be quite hypnotic.

Bone conduction headphones are ideal for certain scenarios and lifestyles. In fact, they make listening to music and audio possible in situations when it previously may not have been available. Cycling, for example, is an activity that a lot of people would enjoy doing while listening to music or a good audiobook, myself included.

Someone, I know who lives in England often cycles while wearing Apple Beats headphones. He says they are a truly awesome “gadget” and generally go everywhere with him, but in recent months they’ve been relegated more and more by his new Bone Conduction Headphones. And riding a bike is one of those activities that they’ve taken over.

Bone Conduction Headphones and Cycling

Those who know him know he is an avid cyclist. he doesn’t really do it for transport purposes (because he is also obsessed with cars!) but he loves riding his bike around nearby country lanes with music in his ears. The only problem is it isn’t safe.

If his wife sees him leave the house on his bike with his Apple Beats headphones, she becomes frustrated. “How can you hear the traffic with those things covering your ears she says?” is the question he gets. She’s right and he has no response according to him, so all he can do in this scenario is risk it or leave his music at home. You already know where I’m going with this, so I’ll get to the point: His Bone Conduction Headphones make cycling and listing to music possible.

Why is this? Well as we’ve discussed in another article, which speaks about Bone Conduction Headphones and safety in more detail (we recommend you check it out), this technology doesn’t cover your ears. As the music is heard internally from Bone Conduction sound absorption, instead of being directed into the eardrum, it doesn’t shut out external noise.

Essentially, those cycling while listening to audio on Bone Conduction Headphones can still hear traffic and other potential dangers. Their ears are still free and uncovered. Granted the distraction is still there, but it’s not masking any noise, meaning the cyclist is far more likely to be alerted to hazards than they would be when wearing earphones or any other form of headphones.

As any cyclist will attest, cycling is a lifestyle and one that Bone Conduction Headphones improve for the better. But what other lifestyles can these headphones improve? Here are a few other areas of my life that Bone Conduction headphones have improved.

Relaxation Techniques

Meditation and Yoga on a beautiful Lake

Relaxation is another. Remember at the start of this article I mentioned sitting quietly while listening to relaxation tracks? Well, this is something else I’ve started using my Bone Conduction Headphones for. I’m a big fan of relaxation tracks, I’m not into meditation or anything like that, but I do find relaxation hypnosis tracks beneficial.

Now I only tend to do this at home and when it’s quiet, otherwise I’d use my noise-canceling Skull Candy headphones to blot out the noise of rampaging children, dogs, and cats. But as Bone Conduction headphones allow you to feel the music’ as it vibrates its way through your bones and into your mind, using these headphones for relaxation tracks is incredible. It really seems to permeate into your brain and creates a deeply relaxing experience. Seriously, try it.

Please see some of our articles like “The Benefits Of Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones” and “How Bone Conduction Headphones Changed A Partially Deaf Man’s Life.”

Bone Conduction Headphones and the Gym

As I’ve mentioned in previous articles I feel tremendous freedom by no longer using my over the ear headphones at the gym. Just like my friend with cycling, Bone Conduction Headphones have replaced them in this area of my life too. I decided to do this for a few reasons, the first was for practicality and comfort, the Bone Conduction Headphones just get less sweaty and can be relied upon to stay attached to my head when I use treadmills and exercise bikes as well as other gym activities.

Before this, my headphones would slide off my head on occasion which was irritating. This is no longer a problem. I also like to stay alert in the gym and my Bone Conduction Headphones are useful for this. Sometimes my friends join me too and I can still talk to them and others while listening to my gym tunes. A playlist I simply cannot live without! A gym is also a place where you do ideally need to be aware of your surroundings for safety considerations and Bone Conduction Headphones make this much easier.

Dog Walking

It has been reported by some people who are massive dog lovers that Bone Conduction Headphones have made them feel more free and open while walking their dogs. With dogs comes responsibilities and some people have to walk their dogs three times a day. If not having it hired out then they themselves are taking them out for a stroll with the radio, an audiobook or a podcast in their ear.

They have commented that they often felt like they were ignoring their animal on their walks. Their pet is sniffing everything and pulling them to different spots and they are in their own zone with their headphones on. Now when walking their dog when using their Bone Conduction Headphones, they feel much more present and with the dog on their walks. The best part is they can continue to listen to their chosen audio while they are out in the open with their favorite companion.

It’s also worth pointing out that when walking a dog while listening to headphones, you’re at risk of all the various dangers that the street and roads are hosts too. Traffic mainly, like with cycling it’s hard to hear these hazards when there is music blaring in your ears.

Bone Conduction Headphones allow us to perceive these potential threats, as our ears are uncovered and free, helping us stay alert while we still enjoy our favorite audio. If another dog walker passes by, they can hear them say hi without pretending they did. Something they have been guilty of for years.

Those Who Are Hearing And Visually Impaired Can Now Enjoy Music And Audio Like The Rest Of Us.

Bone Conduction Headphones for the Hearing Impaired

Of course, we are generalizing with the above sub-heading, it may not apply to everyone who suffers from a hearing impairment. But for some, Bone Conduction technology has allowed those who have hearing difficulties to listen to music or audio in a way that they couldn’t from regular headphones. As the audio goes straight to their inner ear bypassing their eardrum, they can hear it without as much difficulty.

Essentially those people who suffer from a hearing problem but have a fully functioning cochlea can potentially listen to headphones like the rest of us.

In another article we described our friend and their father in law and he is a prime example, he is someone who has suffered from partial deafness all his life and he recently discovered Bone Conduction Headphones, (literally days before this was written) and has found they are far more effective for him than regular headphones are.

They may have changed his life from an audio entertainment point of view. They will allow him to listen to things in a way he thought impossible before. In fact, Bone Conduction technology started out as hearing aid technology and has been refined so much over the year’s other audio companies, like the ones who make headphones have also adapted it. They were also used by the military, but that’s another story for another blog!

Visually Impaired

Those who are visually impaired can also feel the benefit, it’s important for them to keep their sense of hearing attuned as they arguably rely on it more than the rest of us. Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones means they can take in external stimuli, while still enjoying wireless audio as we all do. Again, we’re generalizing but it’s true for some.

Important Lifestyle Choices

So, this is just a small example of important lifestyle choices that can be improved by Bone Conduction Headphones. Where I find myself using them more and more, it’s unlikely that I’ll ever only use my Bone Conduction Headphones. I believe I’ll always have a place for my noise-canceling headphones especially if I am flying in an airplane.

But here’s the thing, Bone Conduction technology is improving all the time. My Bone Conduction Headphones have already replaced my other earbuds and headphones in some areas of my life, many of which are listed above, but it’s entirely plausible that I discover more areas where they may suit my lifestyle more than my other current headphones do. I’m excited to find out what these could be because I’m certain there will be some more.

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We are a website that writes helpful articles about the latest technology for emergency preparedness and power grid energy. We try new devices and analyze their quality, durability, effects, for emergency preparedness.

This site is owned and operated by Fremontii, LLC. Fremontii, LLC. is a participant in Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to