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Author Bio

John W. Mortensen, is a tech writer for Tech Evaluate. He is originally from Las Vegas, Nevada and moved to Alaska in April 2017.

Work Story

John moved to Alaska because he had stage 4 throat cancer in 2015/2016 and it pretty much changed everything. As a kid, he wanted to be an astronaut, geologist, or scientist and later became a project manager, which is involved with many of those things.

Growing his father was a contractor and mother was an executive secretary in one of the old Stardust hotel in Las Vegas.

John went to school in Las Vegas at Valley High and UNLV and worked in the commercial construction industry in Las Vegas after that. He became a superintendent, then project manager after working his way through the ranks and many years of working on large building projects like hotels and casinos.

Working as a project manager, you utilize many analytical skill sets to determine the best course of action. Project managers do a lot of critical thinking and problem solving and use many types of systems and software tools to coordinate and not only create and schedule projects, but outline and manage them as well.

Through the years, John’s interest was always inspired by the use of data networks with the infrastructure of the complex building projects he worked on. They built many data networks and infrastructure, and he was always intrigued by servers and computer systems that ran so many interconnected critical systems within the hotels and casinos.

Computer servers in a network were the equivalent of a race cars and were very exciting “engines” to work with.

Today, as a project manager and tech writer, John still works with networks and control systems, but passions are the future of alternative technology. He has spent years analyzing and using artificial intelligence, and has experienced firsthand the changes and gains it is making today with models like ChatGPT 4 and Googles Bard.

Research and Expectations

We research the latest alternative and green technologies. We write about green electronics and green technology products.

AI, extreme weather, geomagnetic storms, and electric vehicles are all in our future and we want to know the best way to deal with the effects of these on the U.S. power grid and emergency preparedness.

Converting to alternative technologies like wind and solar power systems also means we will be using Hybrid and Electric cars and there will be a complete transformation of our world’s energy power infrastructure and economy because of it.

What can you expect from Tech Evaluate? Balanced analysis of alternative technologies like AI, solar, wind, and emergency preparedness products such as solar panels and hybrid generators and satellite communication trackers, to name a few.

Family and Life

John has two grown sons with families and two beautiful granddaughters. All of John’s extended family still live west of the Mississippi in the lower 48. John’s goal and passion has been to lead a simple life and leave the big city while staying remotely connected to technology.

John lives subsistence and hunts and fishes, and living in Alaska has definitely had a great effect on his thinking with remote communication, signal extenders, and satellite communications which they use all the time.

John has been involved with motorcycles, Judo, and Taekwondo since he was very young and is a third degree black belt in WTF Taekwondo. He was the WTF middleweight national champion at one time and still love martial arts.

The most important thought he would like to convey is that he also does what he does for our children and grandchildren; to further explore what can help them in their future with the planet we are leaving them.

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