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Warning-Geomagnetic Storm Category G5 Predicted Sunday 5-12-24

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Space Weather Prediction Center has issued a Geomagnetic Storm Category G4 or Greater Prediction In this Solar Maximum 11-year cycle, Geomagnetic Solar Storms effect on the planet and near-earth space could be severe and on Sunday 5-12-24. We have the potential for one of the most powerful solar system events known to man, which is a G5 Geomagnetic Storm, and could greatly affect our power grids and electronics. Affected components could be spacecraft, power grids, navigation systems, and radio systems. Space Weather Message Code: WATA99Serial Number: 7Issue Time: 2024 May 11 1753 UTC THIS NOAA SPWC WARNING SUPERSEDES ANY/ALL PRIOR WATCHES IN EFFECT Potential Impacts: Area of impact primarily poleward of 45 degrees Geomagnetic Latitude.Induced Currents – Possible widespread voltage control problems and some protective systems may mistakenly trip out key assets from the power grid. Induced pipeline currents intensify.Spacecraft – Systems may experience surface charging; increased drag on low earth orbit satellites, and tracking and orientation problems may occur.Navigation – Satellite navigation (GPS) degraded or inoperable for hours.Radio – HF (high frequency) radio propagation sporadic or blacked out.Aurora – Aurora may be seen as low as Alabama and northern California. NOAA Space Weather Scale

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A color photo of the cover of the book Technology and Emergency Management, 2nd Edition.

Book Summary: Technology and Emergency Management, 2nd Edition

In today’s world, emergency preparedness is a constant reality. Americans are taught to prepare for sudden grid-down situations, natural disasters, terror attacks, solar flares, and other emergencies. While many books in this field have been useful, they often limit their focus to helping people prepare for these emergencies.   John C. Pine’s Technology and Emergency Management is the first book devoted to the critical aspects of technology in disaster planning, management, and mitigation. It is the first of its kind in the emergency preparedness genre, focusing on how humanity can harness technology to enhance emergency management.  Reading this guide is a sure path to becoming an effective emergency manager, particularly for those aspiring to pursue a career in this field.  The Need for Technology in Emergency Management    Recommended Reading: Best Emergency Preparedness Books and Videos and Book Summary on The Survival Medicine Handbook: The Essential Guide For When Help Is Not On The Way. The first chapter of the Technology and Emergency Management, 2nd Edition, book available on outlines the essential role of technology in managing emergencies. While many authors advise on emergency preparedness and management, John C. Pine emphasizes the critical role of technology and how it can be

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Color photo of the cover of the book summary of "The Survival Medicine Handbook: The Essential Guide for When Help is NOT on the Way."

Book Summary On The Survival Medicine Handbook: The Essential Guide For When Help Is NOT On The Way

Although medical institutions in our neighborhoods are crucial, they don’t eliminate the need for additional knowledge in handling emergencies. Many households possess guides on outdoor medicine for remote locations, indicating preparedness for such scenarios. However, there’s a noticeable lack of resources on bookshelves for managing medical emergencies during specific activities like ocean voyages or wilderness hikes.  Our book summary on The Survival Medicine Handbook: The Essential Guide for When Help is NOT on the Way describes how this book offers comprehensive medical strategies for both short-term and long-term scenarios. They focus on situations they describe as ‘collapses,’ where the risk of illness or injury is high, and access to advanced medical care is nonexistent or severely limited.  Read on to find out more about Joe Alton and Amy Alton’s comprehensive manual and how their book can be your life saver when help is NOT on the way.  Are You Normal? The Survival Medicine Handbook: The Essential Guide For When Help Is NOT On The Way 4th Edition. Recommended Reading: Best Emergency Preparedness Books and Videos and Infrastructure: Building Personal Safe Havens If The U.S. And China Go To War The introduction of The Survival Medicine Handbook lays a fascinating foundation for

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Color yellow and black vector image of a worn Fallout Shelter Sign with a 45 degree arrow pointing down to the right for access.

Infrastructure: Building Personal Safe Havens If The U.S. And China Go To War

As tensions mount over the possibility of a U.S.-China conflict, the debate intensifies on proactive measures for civilian protection. The U.S. considers designating safe zones for its citizens a historical strategy to shield civilians from the horrors of war. But will these measures suffice, or will Americans need to self-protect in a timely manner?   Infrastructure and building personal safe havens, if the U.S. and China go to war, demands emergency preparedness planning as a static refuge may attract attention and attack. Having a safe space is key for your family and yourself amongst the reality of precise, technology-driven warfare that could render traditional safe havens obsolete.  This article explores the challenges and necessities of constructing safe zones in the event of a U.S.-China conflict, emphasizing the shift from traditional refuges to adaptable, personal safety infrastructures suited for modern warfare dynamics.   Is it Normal to Think About Building Personal Safe Havens if The U.S. and China Go to War? Recommended Reading: Emergency Preparedness: What To Do If The U.S. Goes to War With China and Necessity of Preparedness: U.S. War With China. Asking the question of yourself: Is it normal to think about building personal safe havens for you and your

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Black white cartoon of two older men neighbors doing yard work in their back yards and mowing the lawn and turning to their left to watch as three giant airforce planes are dropping bombs bombs on the their city a few miles away. A caption at the bottom says "That is disconcerting."

Emergency Preparedness: Your Finances, Mobility, & Transportation In A U.S. War

Do you remember in 2020 when you couldn’t buy toilet paper during the Covid-19 Pandemic? Well, that is nothing compared to World War 3 or a U.S. Civil War. What steps can one take to be prepared? Emergency preparedness with your personal finances, mobility, and transportation are crucial if the U.S. were to go to war. Evidence shows that those equipped with practical mobility solutions, reliable transportation, and robust financial plans are more likely to navigate war-torn environments successfully. In a world where the winds of war can shift unexpectedly, how do we ensure the safety and security of our families and ourselves caught in the turmoil? Is there a blueprint for survival when the fabric of society is torn by conflict? This article explores the latest in emergency preparedness technologies and strategies, exploring the critical aspect of financial security, the importance of mobility, and the essential nature of transportation in the face of war.  What Financial Security Measures Should Individuals Take for War-Time Emergencies? Recommended Reading: Emergency Preparedness: What To Do If The U.S. Goes to War With China and If the U.S. Goes to War With China, There Will Be Massive Product Shortages.  Growing up, many of us

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3D CG rendering of man-made satellite over the earth with the sun in the background.

Should We Expect a G5 Geomagnetic Storm in the Future?

Recent advances in coronagraph data have shed new light on coronal mass ejections (CMEs) and Geomagnetic storms, revealing fascinating acceleration patterns as they journey from the sun to the Earth. These breakthroughs have linked CMEs closely with solar flares and the resulting geomagnetic storms, uncovering an intricate dance of cosmic events. As scientists delve deeper into this solar activity cycle, one question looms large: Should we expect a G5 storm in the future?  We should expect a G5 geomagnetic storm in the future, as coronagraph and many other studies show. These sometimes extremely dangerous storms intensify when solar cycle activity peaks every 11 years, particularly when the sun’s magnetic poles reverse, unleashing tons of magnetically charged matter into the solar system. On the brighter side, it’s fortunate that these magnetically charged G5 level geomagnetic storm particles have not directly collided with Earth recently. We can only hope this good fortune continues, because as we have said before, it is not if, but when one of these storms makes direct head on contact with the Earth. Science and governments can save human lives by upgrading our power grids, and our reliance on ongoing predictions remains strong. So, what do the current

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A color photo of a young white woman sitting at a table in front a book case in her house in a winter coat and beanie and holding her hand over a half melted candle to try to stay warm without heat in a dangerous power outage for the Book Summary: Prepare Your Home for A Sudden Grid-Down Situation.

Book Summary: Prepare Your Home for A Sudden Grid-Down Situation

When you walk into a library, you will mostly encounter hundreds of books that could be addressing a single subject. In such situations, choosing the most suitable book, especially one that can provide reliable information on emergency preparedness for a sudden power grid-down situation, becomes a challenge.  Our book summary highlights how Prepare Your Home for a Sudden Grid-Down Situation, offers readers important, dependable guidance on preparing for power grid down emergencies. This book equips modern families with essential knowledge to prepare for any potential disaster presented in a warm and accessible manner. For those looking to enhance their self-reliance, learning from Ted Riley’s proven methods and strategies is a solid step toward effectively handling a grid-down crisis. Like it says in the book: “You can stockpile all the rice you like… but do you know how you’re going to cook it if you’re without power for months on end?” Author Ted Riley – Prepare Your Home for a Sudden Grid-Down Situation When Disaster Strikes, the Time to Prepare Has Passed! Recommended Reading: Best Emergency Preparedness Books and Videos and Book Summary Of The ACEP First Aid Manual 5th Edition: The Step-by-Step Guide for Everyone. The quality of information an

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Color angled photo of the front and left binder of the ACEP First Aid Manual 5th Edition The Step-by-Step Guide for Everyone book on a white backround.

Book Summary Of The ACEP First Aid Manual 5th Edition: The Step-by-Step Guide for Everyone

Handling medical emergencies at home has saved countless lives. First aid is a basic part of the curriculum in nearly all schools worldwide. Yet, the widespread teaching of the subject does not guarantee that all guidelines for managing certain medical conditions are effective. This is the reason this First Aid Manual is regularly updated, with each edition addressing identified gaps in previous procedures.  The ACEP First Aid Manual 5th Edition: The Step-by-Step Guide for Everyone is an emergency preparedness manual that should be in every home and vehicle. The book come’s in digital technology for easy smartphone access, and has over a hundred responses to issues like sprained ankles, unconsciousness, and strokes. (ACEP) is the abbreviation for the American College of Emergency Physicians. Accidents can occur unexpectedly in any place. Many of these incidents demand immediate medical response to save lives. Considering their unpredictable nature, having this portable first-aid manual in your home and car is essential, and it’s even practical to take along on hikes if it’s not too cumbersome.  This book is rated 4.8 on Amazon and comes in Kindle, spiral bound, and paperback volumes for emergencies and also offers detailed, step-by-step instructions for managing medical emergencies, complemented

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Color photo of the Goal Zero Yeti 6000X Portable Power Station on a white background.

How Much Will It Cost You to Get a Solar Generator?

Frustrated by frequent power outages disrupting daily life, many Americans are turning to self-sufficient energy solutions. Among these, solar generators have emerged as a popular choice, leading to a significant shift in their market dynamics. But how much will it cost you to get a solar generator?  It will cost you $600 to $48,000 for a solar generator expansion kit with solar panels in the U.S. Prices range from $600-$1,000 for basic 300-watt models, $2,500-$5,000 for mid-range 1800-3000 watt solar generators kits, and $6,000-$48,000 for high-powered 5,000-watt, 18,432Wh-Watt hour and above units. In the rest of this article, we delve deeper into the specifics of solar generators, exploring various models, their capabilities, and additional costs associated with installation and maintenance to help you make an informed decision. Amazon Solar Generator Quantity Discount Example: Each Bluetti AC500 solar generator kit supports up to 6 expansion batteries for a total capacity of 18,432Wh, enough to get through most full home severe power outages. Amazon – 1+1 BluettiI Power Station AC500 & 1 B300S Expansion Battery  Amazon – 5 BluettiI B300S Expansion Batteries  Amazon – 4 BluettiI PV420 Solar Panels Total combined current cart cost savings on delivered in the lower 48

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Color photo of the black and grey EcoFlow Delta Pro 3600Wh Smart Extra battery with rear wheels on a white background.

EcoFlow Delta Pro 3600Wh Smart Extra Battery: Is It Worth It?

In the quest for reliable and efficient energy solutions, the EcoFlow Delta Pro 3600Wh Smart Extra Battery promises to be a game changer. With its high capacity and innovative features, it stands out as a potential powerhouse for those in need of extended power supply. However, does it truly deliver on its promises, and is it worth the investment? Is the EcoFlow Delta Pro 3600Wh Smart Extra Battery worth it? Yes, according to our findings, as it has a 90% 5-star rating, showing high satisfaction. Because this battery has wheels, it negates to some extent weight. However, some users report some issues such as complexity in setup, and cost concerns, with mixed experiences.  Overall Rating 90/100 Ease of Use 90/100 Ease of Assembly 90/100 Affordability 85/100 Energy Efficiency 95/100 Pros of the EcoFlow Delta Pro 3600Wh Smart Extra Battery Recommended Reading: EcoFlow Delta Pro 3600W Solar Generator Kit Review: A Game-Changer in Portable Power? and Best Expandable Solar Generator Starter Kits. High-Capacity Expansion: The additional battery doubles the Delta Pro’s storage capacity from 3.6kWh to 7.2kWh, making it perfect for extended power needs. This increased capacity is ideal for RV camping, where it can charge a phone 313 times or

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A color photo of the black and silver EcoFlow Delta Pro 3600W Solar Generator Kit with the 4x400W Portable Solar Panels and Stands on a white background.

EcoFlow Delta Pro 3600W Solar Generator Kit Review: A Game-Changer in Portable Power? 

Navigating the world of renewable energy solutions can be challenging, but the EcoFlow Delta Pro 3600W Solar Generator with its 4x400W Portable Solar Panels might just be the ideal blend of efficiency and portability for off-grid power needs. The EcoFlow Delta Pro 3600W Solar Generator Kit comes with 4x400W portable solar panels and stands out for its high 3,600W capacity for home backup in frequent power outages. It supports solar and EV charging, and has a 5-year warranty. The major downside is its 99 lbs weight, but its wheels and handle offer good mobility.  Overall Rating 90/100 Battery Capacity 95/100 Charging Efficiency 90/100 Portability 85/100 Ease of Use 93/100 Durability 94/100 Affordability 82/100 Energy Efficiency 91/100 Pros of the EcoFlow Solar Generator Kit with 4x400W Portable Solar Panels and Stands Recommended Reading: Best Expandable Solar Generator Starter Kits and 5 Best Dual Fuel Generators for Emergency Preparedness. Cons of the EcoFlow Solar Generator Kit with 4x400W Portable Solar Panels and Stands Who Should Buy This EcoFlow Solar Generator Kit? Recommended Reading: Power Backups and Their Importance for Emergency Preparedness and How Many Watts of Power Do You Need for Emergency Preparedness? The EcoFlow Delta Pro 3600W Solar Generator is a

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Color photo of a natural gas stove burners lit with blue flames.

If the U.S. Power Grid Is Down, Will Natural Gas Still Work?

Imagine a fierce storm lashing out, crippling the electric grid, plunging your neighborhood into darkness. Would your home still bask in the warmth of natural gas heating, or would the cold creep in unchallenged? Is natural gas a reliable ally when the grid falters? If the U.S. power grid is down, will natural gas still work? Natural gas will not work in all areas of the U.S. because of the power grid being down. Appliances like furnaces also need electricity for the blower motor. Using a gas or diesel generator or solar power can provide the electricity to operate these appliances during outages.  This article explores the delicate interplay between natural gas infrastructure and the power grid, explaining how homes are affected during electricity outages.  Can Home Appliances Run on Gas Alone During Power Shortages? Recommended reading: What to Do if the U.S. Power Grid Goes Down and Power Backups and Their Importance for Emergency Preparedness. According to an article by the Department of Engineering and Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University, 10% of the United States interstate natural gas pipeline compressor stations depend on electricity, with several large pipelines quite vulnerable to electric outages. “In contrast to well-established reliability

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Color photo of a WEN DF1100X 11000-Watt Dual Fuel Electric Start Generator on a white background.

WEN DF1100X 11000-Watt Dual Fuel Electric Start Generator: Is It Worth It? 

In an era where reliable power sources are more crucial than ever, the WEN 11000-Watt Dual Fuel Electric Start Generator steps into the spotlight, offering a solution to power uncertainties. However, is it the powerhouse it claims to be, or just another gadget in the crowded market of portable generators?  The WEN DF1100X is an 11,000 Watt Amazon Choice 4.7 star rating that we think is worth it. It is a versatile generator with dual fuel options, an electric start, and robust power output. Ideal for emergency backup, it offers a CO safety sensor and an 8.5-hour runtime. Overall Rating 90/100 Power Output and Versatility 95/100 Safety Features 94/100 Portability and Weight 85/100 Ease of Start-Up 88/100 Noise Level 87/100 Durability 91/100 Pros of the WEN DF1100X 11000-Watt Generator The WEN DF1100X 11000-Watt 120-Volt/240-Volt dual fuel transfer-electric start portable generator with wheel kit and carbon monoxide shutdown sensor. The WEN DF1100X emerges as a standout choice in the crowded portable generator market. Balancing power, versatility, and safety, it distinguishes itself not just by its specifications but also through its thoughtful design and user-friendly features.  Recommended Reading: 5 Best Dual Fuel Generators for Emergency Preparedness and Westinghouse 9500df Dual Fuel Generator

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Color photo of a young dark-haired woman in a grocery store with empty shelves loading a case of bottled water into her shopping cart filled with toilet paper and other items.

How Should We Prepare for a G5 Geomagnetic Storm?

To the unaided eye, the sky around the sun appears tranquil, yet it belies a hidden turmoil. The sun emits massive plasma ejections, some of which are directed toward Earth, disrupting our planet’s geomagnetic fields and causing geomagnetic storms. With a G5 storm ranking as the most severe, leading to inevitable power grid failures, how can we effectively brace for such an extreme event?   How should we prepare for a g5 geomagnetic storm? Assemble an emergency kit with essentials like water, food, and a first-aid kit. Establish a family communication plan, secure entry points with deadbolts, upgrade to solid doors, and adopt safety habits like minimizing light and noise during major power outages.  Even though G5 storms are rare, it is imperative that you and your family remain prepared for their occurrence and major power outages. You should be aware of what to include in your emergency kit and how to assign roles among family members, ensuring that everyone knows what to do when the crisis strikes.  What You Must Do Before a G5 Geomagnetic Storm to Protect Your Family Recommended Reading: How Much Time Do We Have Before a G5 Geomagnetic Storm Hits After a Solar CME? and Why

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A color photo of a mother and her two children with emergency backpacks exiting their home's front door quickly.

Book Summary: The Disaster-Ready Home: A Step-by-Step Emergency Preparedness Manual

We love books and manuals, whether audio or hardcover. The United States is susceptible to various disasters, such as floods, pandemics, fires, earthquakes, and geomagnetic storms, among others. These emergencies present a substantial risk to daily life, rendering emergency preparedness an essential aspect of living in America.  In Creek Stewart’s comprehensive manual, The Disaster-Ready Home: A Step-by-Step Emergency Preparedness Manual for Sheltering in Place, every American is provided with clear, understandable guidance on how to remain prepared for such eventualities. This book serves as a literal survival guide.  A crisis is any event that disrupts access to everyday essentials. In this detailed guide, Creek Stewart addresses vital questions about securing these essentials during such critical times. The book specifically instructs on how to sustain life at home when a disaster forces you to remain indoors for days, cut off from the outside world. The Disaster-Ready Home teaches how to survive until the danger has passed. The Importance of Food in Emergencies Recommended Reading: Best Emergency Preparedness Books and Videos and Power Backups and Their Importance for Emergency Preparedness. Given that food is a fundamental human need, it’s logical that Stewart dedicates the first five chapters of his book to this crucial

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Color daytime outdoor photo of a DuroMax XP12000EH Dual Fuel Generator-12000 Watt Gas or Propane home backup power on the back patio of a house.

Power Backups and Their Importance for Emergency Preparedness

Power outages, intensified by the rising frequency of natural disasters, lead to significant economic losses and can jeopardize lives in critical care. As reliance on power grows, so does the importance of having backups. Are you prepared for the next outage?  Power backups and their importance for emergency preparedness are undeniable. In crises, they ensure essential services and communication networks are operational. Businesses and households rely on generators during power outages, ensuring a consistent and dependable response to disruptions.  The importance of power backups during an emergency cannot be overstated. This article explores how you can prepare for emergencies and the available options for power backup sources.  What Is an Emergency Power Backup? Recommended Reading: Necessity of Preparedness: U.S. War With China and What to Do if the U.S. Power Grid Goes Down.  An emergency power backup is a system designed to keep electronics running during a blackout. These blackouts can arise from various causes, such as malicious attacks or natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes. Power outages can range in duration from a few hours to several days. In these situations, critical services must continue to function. Thus, when the national grid is unavailable, the alternative power source that

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Twighlight color photo of Shanghai China and the highrise city's epicenter surrounded by massive highways shown in highlighted purple color hues.

A Historical Overview of the U.S. And China Relations

The United States and China first connected in 1784 when the American vessel, the Empress of China, docked in Guangzhou with Samuel Shaw aboard. But was this unofficial visit the true beginning of the intricate relationship between these future superpowers?  A historical overview of the U.S. and China relations reveals centuries of trade, diplomacy, and cooperation. However, challenges like spying, cyber threats, the Taiwan issue and the possibility of World War III have arisen. Effective negotiations and cybersecurity preparedness are essential for future stability and collaboration.  The history of U.S.-China relations offers a fascinating narrative. This article explores the evolution of their ties, examining the potential consequences of deteriorating relations and why cyberattacks might become their primary battleground in the future.  The Good Times: The Interesting Exchanges between U.S. and Chinese Citizens Recommended Reading: Emergency Preparedness: What To Do IF The U.S. Goes to War With China and Stocking the Essentials for Emergency Preparedness. The history of U.S.-China exchanges is rich and varied, with many notable individuals playing key roles. Here’s a descriptive list of some significant interactions between American and Chinese citizens: The Twists and Turns That Would Bring China and the U.S. Even Closer Before the official establishment

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Color outdoor daytime photo of a young man using first aid kit on injured woman in the woods.

Medical Supplies and Knowledge in Emergency Preparedness

Emergencies often lead to medical crises that can overwhelm local capacities. In such times, medical supplies and expertise become crucial for managing the situation. How prepared are you with the right supplies and knowledge for unforeseen disasters?  Prioritizing essential medical supplies like bandages, medications, equipment, and instruments is crucial. Every individual should possess basic first-aid knowledge. Disruptions from disasters and war can render emergency services useless, but self-reliance can mitigate the impact on those who rely on daily medical care. The U.S. and China’s intertwined economies rely heavily on mutual trade, especially medical supplies. But what happens if these two giants clash in war? Let’s dive into the importance of medical preparedness amid geopolitical tensions.  What Medical Supplies Should People Store for Emergencies? Recommended Reading: Necessity of Preparedness: U.S. War With China and Stocking the Essentials for Emergency Preparedness. In the aftermath of a disaster, the well-being of individuals with special needs and those reliant on medications becomes paramount. This includes people who need blood pressure medication, insulin injections, and those with respiratory issues.  As we consider the potential repercussions of a war-induced crisis, the following medical supplies and practices are vital: Beyond medications, other crucial medical supplies to have

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Color photo of emergency preparedness kit items.

Stocking the Essentials for Emergency Preparedness

As the Cold War fears of the 1950s saw Americans preparing for nuclear threats with underground shelters and specific essentials, today’s tensions between the U.S. and China prompt a new era of emergency preparedness. The landscape of potential threats has evolved, but how have our preparations changed in response?  Stocking the essentials for emergency preparedness is vital. Recalling President Eisenhower’s 1955 advice, maintaining a seven-day food and water supply is crucial. Modern preparations should encompass flashlights, blankets, and portable batteries for essential devices like radios and smartphones.  Amidst the looming threat of nuclear warfare, Americans once prepared for the worst, even if the attack never came. Now, as tensions rise between the United States and China, the importance of emergency preparedness resurfaces. This article explores some of the essentials that can sustain their lives in case a war indeed breaks out.  The Importance of Stocking Essentials for Emergencies Recommended Reading: Necessity of Preparedness: U.S. War With China and Communication: The Lifeline in Emergencies Emergencies can strike without warning, and often, the aftermath is more deadly than the event itself due to a lack of preparedness. Whether it’s the threat of a cyberwar between nations or natural disasters, being prepared can

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Color photo of a Made in China label on the back side of a dense piece of multicolored woven fabric.

If the U.S. Goes to War With China, There Will Be Massive Product Shortages

Tensions between the U.S. and China have escalated from once-thriving diplomatic ties to a fierce trade war ignited by hefty tariffs. As these two superpowers teeter on the brink, what happens if they go into full-blown conflict? Could we face massive product shortages?  If the U.S. goes to war with China, there will be massive product shortages, especially in pharmaceuticals, energy, microchips, and technology. U.S. industries will face raw material scarcities, and consumers will encounter empty retail shelves. Diversifying supply chains could mitigate these risks. Every nation is interconnected. The globalization of trade and tourism has enriched our world, and despite the United States being one of the globe’s dominant economies, its dependence on key products from China is undeniable. Dive into this article to understand the profound implications of a potential conflict between the U.S. and China.  What Are the Most Purchased Import Products By The U.S. From China In 2022, the United States purchased 575 billion dollar’s worth of products from China according to Trading and Economics and the United Nations COMTRADE database. The shortages the U.S. experienced during the Coronavirus of 2020-21 would pale in comparison to a military war with China and the world and are

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Color indoor photo of a red-headed young white woman emergency dispatch communication employee leaning over phone and computer system using an external microphone.

Communication: The Lifeline in Emergencies

As tensions rise between the United States, Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, and now Israel and the Muslim world, the threat extends beyond conventional warfare to potential economic sabotage, cyberattacks, and attacks on power grids. Central to these strategies is the targeting of communication infrastructure. With communication being the lifeline in emergencies, how can we ensure its resilience in such trying times? In potential crises like a WW3 scenario, effective communication is vital. Not only does it ensure coordinated rescue efforts and disseminate crucial information, but it also enables individuals to connect with families and friends, offering emotional support and assurance.  While it’s challenging to predict a foreign adversaries exact tactics against the United States, it’s always prudent to be prepared. This article explores the crucial role of reliable communication in these situations and underscores the importance of emergency preparedness. The Critical Role of Communication in Emergencies Recommended Reading: Necessity of Preparedness: U.S. War With China and Best Emergency Preparedness Communication Systems (7 Must Own Devices). Communication is the primary method for alerting authorities to an emergency. Individuals caught during a crisis must reach out to emergency-response teams, and without effective communication, relaying this vital information becomes challenging. The intricacy

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Color outdoor photo of a white electric car being charged on an electric car charger up to 60%. Massive power lines are in the background from the power grid.

How Can the Power Grid Change To Support Electric Vehicles?

The (EV) electric vehicle revolution has already started, calling for a change in the power generation infrastructure globally. With more vehicles needing electricity to operate, it may pose a challenge to accommodate the high demand for electric power, or does it? The power grid can change to support electric vehicles by implementing V2G (vehicle-to-grid) technology. V2G uses electricity from EV batteries to provide power to the grid during hours of high demand. The grid can also enforce TOU (time of use) rates to incentivize usage during low-demand hours. In this article, I’ll explain ways the power grid must change to support EVs. I’ll discuss how V2G technology is an effective way for EVs to use energy that can benefit future generations and how TOU rates can significantly affect power consumption.  Power Grid Changes Needed To Support EVs and Avoid Overload  Recommended Reading: Infrastructure And Time Required For EV Charging and What to Do if the U.S. Power Grid Goes Down. Recommended Electric Vehicle and U.S. Power Grid Upgrades  The U.S. power grid is markedly old and has been in place for a long time without significant investment or up-gradation and it shows. In 2021, the American Society of Civil Engineers

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Color early evening photo of a freezing man in his kitchen with no power or heat and a blanket over his shoulders after the power grid has gone down.

What to Do if the U.S. Power Grid Goes Down

When the U.S. power grid fails, the reasons vary: extreme weather, software bugs, ill-placed equipment, and natural disasters. Power outages can last for days, weeks, or longer, and these incidents have caused blackouts from Ohio to Texas. How can you prepare for the next unexpected power outage? What to do if the U.S. power grid goes down: Prioritize securing clean water, with a recommended daily gallon per person. Emergency preparedness means stockpiling food before you need it, prepare for temperature extremes, use Solar-battery-powered radios for updates, maintain sanitation, and heed official advisories.  The history of U.S. blackouts reveals power outages from powerful storms can easily last up to 25 hours, with even short ones recorded at 13 hours. But how about a week or more without power? This article provides guidelines on how to cope during such power grid failures.  Why You Should Always Prepare for a Power Blackout  Recommended Reading: What Happens if the American Power Grid Goes Down? and Long-Term Power Blackout Coming Soon. Let us illustrate the importance of preparing for a power grid failure with an interesting example. In February 2017. Strong winds downed multiple power lines in the Wyoming area, which led to an immediate

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Daytime color photo of firefighter kneeling down during 9/11 rescue and fire fighting.

Why After 9/11 Are Thousands Per Day Crossing U.S. Border Illegally?

The United States has the most advanced technology in the world by far. And after the tragic aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, the U.S. intensified its border security, including the most advanced surveillance in the world, especially along the line between the U.S. and Mexico. With thousands now crossing the U.S.southern border illegally each day, is the nation risking another 9/11-like event? Why, after 9/11, are thousands per day crossing the U.S. southern border illegally? What’s funny is no one in the U.S. seems to know what to do? Each month thousands of Chinese Nationals and a myriad of different country’s residents are not only trying but getting into the U.S. this way. In the wake of 9/11, how could any prudent leader overlook the ever-present threat of terrorism? While the latest surveillance and emergency preparedness technologies are advanced, they’re ineffective without proper enforcement. This article delves into the complexities of illegal immigration in relation to the persistent threat of terrorism. The Morning of 9/11 Terrorist Attack: A Timeline and Reflection  Between 7:59 a.m. and 8:42 a.m., four commercial flights departed from various locations. Two took off from Boston’s airport, another from Washington D.C., and the final one from Newark,

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Color photo of a Ham Radio operators white hand turning the Ham Radio knob.

The Evolution of Emergency Preparedness

Emergency preparedness in the U.S. began in the 1800s, highlighted by the Congressional Act of 1803, to aid New Hampshire after a devastating wildfire. This act was a precursor to today’s federal structures for managing hazards. How has this evolution affected current disaster response strategies?   The evolution of emergency preparedness has seen America make advancements, from individual efforts to FEMA’s establishment. Challenges arose in coordinating multiple agencies and addressing modern threats. Solutions lie in harnessing historical understanding and ensuring readiness for conflicts.  Emergency preparedness has gained importance as global conflicts persist, despite lessons from World War II. Recent conflicts, such as those in Ukraine and between Israel and Hamas, underscore the need for readiness. This article explores how America is gearing up for the challenges of modern warfare. The Chronology of Disaster Relief  Recommended Reading: Emergency Preparedness: What To Do IF The U.S. Goes to War With China and Emergency Preparedness Technology for Disasters. From individual efforts to organize federal responses, America’s approach to disaster relief has undergone a significant transformation over the centuries. Here’s a detailed chronology: The Pressure Rises After World War II The military prowess displayed by nations during the war led to the enactment of the

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Color Vector image with the flaming fire orange words WW3 Meaning World War III on a black background.

Necessity of Preparedness: U.S. War With China

U.S. and China relations have soured, and these ties seem to be at a potential breaking point. While Beijing views Washington as a significant rival, it perceives the escalating tensions as indicative of a broader geopolitical shift. Given these dynamics, how prepared is the U.S. for any emergency scenarios that might arise?  The necessity of preparedness in a US-China war underscores the importance of proactive measures to mitigate potential crises. China has had a massive military and technology buildup. While the U.S. has historically been a superpower, it faces vulnerabilities in modern geopolitics. Addressing these requires strategic realignment to prevent escalation. Currently, the outcome of such a conflict is uncertain. However, the United States must bolster the resilience of its forces in preparation. The article advocates for strategic realignment, addresses the challenges of modern deterrence, and underscores the need for proactive readiness and diplomatic solutions.  Understanding the Intricacies of U.S.-China Relations  Recommended Reading: Emergency Preparedness: What To Do IF The U.S. Goes to War With China and Long-Term Power Blackout Coming Soon. The relationship between the U.S. and China has evolved over the years, revealing deep interdependencies and potential vulnerabilities. Here’s a breakdown of the complexities: In light of these

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Power Grid Failures and Their Causes

Power grid failures have become a prevalent concern for Americans, disrupting daily routines and leading to substantial financial losses. These outages damage electronics, halt business operations, and result in extensive food spoilage. But what are the primary causes behind these frequent disruptions? Power grid failures and their causes primarily stem from extreme weather-related events, accounting for 70% of U.S. outages. Electrical system, human susceptibility, and the growing reliance on computer-supported systems amplifies vulnerabilities, not only to terrorist and cyber-attacks, but extreme natural events like solar storms also pose major threats.  The rest of this article delves into the historical power outages that have impacted the United States, shedding light on their causes and consequences. From the Northeast’s blackouts in 1965 and 2003 to Texas’s 2021 grid failure, join us as we unravel the lessons learned and underscore the importance of emergency preparedness for every American.  Major Power Grid Failures in North American History and Their Causes  Recommended Reading: What Happens if the American Power Grid Goes Down? and Potential Outcomes if the American Power Grid Goes Down. 1. August 14 and 15, 2003 Northeastern U.S. and Southern Canada Power Blackout 50 million people lost power on August 14 and 15,

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How An EMP Shield Protects Your Vehicle

In an era where vehicles are intricately intertwined with vulnerable electronic components, the threat of Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) disruptions, capable of rendering them inoperable, looms significantly. The deployment of EMP shields becomes crucial, providing a safeguard against pulses ranging from 200 MHz to 5 GHz. How will the integration of EMP shields revolutionize the durability and reliability of our modern vehicular fleet?  How an EMP shield protects your vehicle involves diverting destructive EMP-induced voltages away from critical electronics, acting as a shunt to redirect excess voltage, functioning as a pressure release valve, and guiding the EMP to the ground, safeguarding electronic components from damage.  This article delves into the complexities of EMP shields, illustrating how they function to safeguard your vehicle from such formidable assaults.  How Does an EMP Shield Detect Incoming EMPs? Recommended Reading: Best Emergency Preparedness Vehicle EMP Shield Protection and Why Does an EMP or G5 Geomagnetic Storm Disable Electronics? On July 8, 1962, a High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) called “Starfish Prime” was conducted 250 miles from the surface of the earth by the United States, Atomic Energy Commission and the Defense Atomic Support Agency. Approximately 900 miles from ground zero on the Hawaiian island of

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Why Does an EMP or G5 Geomagnetic Storm Disable Electronics?

Extreme electromagnetic incidents caused by an intentional electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack or a naturally occurring geomagnetic disturbance (GMD), caused by severe space weather, could damage significant portions of the Nation’s critical infrastructure, including the electrical grid, communications equipment, water and wastewater systems, and transportation modes.  Why does an EMP or G5 geomagnetic storm disable electronics? Coronal mass ejections introduce intense currents to Earth’s magnetosphere. These produce energy surges and radio waves. Channeled through electronics, these waves can damage devices unprepared for such high energy, causing disruption.  Why do we write about emergency preparedness? Seemingly, there is brief mention of these potential dangers in mainstream media and news. You will also find very few articles online talking about the possible impacts of an EMP attack, even though this information warrants national attention.  This article delves deeper into the science behind EMP/G5 Geomagnetic storm vulnerability and understands how we can better shield our devices from potential devastation. EMP-G5 Geomagnetic Storm (GMD) Overview Recommended Reading: How Much Time Do We Have Before a G5 Geomagnetic Storm Hits After a Solar CME? and Best Emergency Preparedness Vehicle EMP Shield Protection  EMPs and G5 Geomagnetic Storm are two different phenomena, but with their similarities merging

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Potential Outcomes if the American Power Grid Goes Down

Electricity powers every facet of modern American life, yet many take it for granted until it’s gone. Imagine a U.S. plunged into darkness: no lights, internet, or communication; commerce halted, transportation grounded, and essentials like fuel become scarce. The fallout from a long-term power outage could be catastrophic. Potential outcomes if the American power grid goes down include widespread chaos, severe disruptions in the economy, healthcare, educational, and security sectors. Economic losses might be near $1 trillion. Healthcare and education would be paralyzed, and national security would be at risk. While there may not be formal academic analyses on a power grid collapse, the nightmare scenario of such an event is not just a distant fear. This article aims to offer an objective overview of the potential consequences if the American power grid fails.  1. Economic Losses  Recommended Reading: What Happens if the American Power Grid Goes Down? and What Would A Carrington Event Do Today? In 2015, Reuters released a report detailing the potential financial impact on the U.S. economy in the event of a cyber-attack on the country’s power grid. The damages, ranging from direct harm to infrastructure and assets to disrupted business and a halted supply chain,

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What Would A Carrington Event Do Today?

What would happen if today’s world faced the magnitude of the 1859 Carrington Event G5 or greater geomagnetic storm, history’s most intense solar storm? Back then, vibrant auroras lit up the sky, and telegraph equipment caught fire. Imagine the implications for our modern, tech-reliant society.  What would a Carrington Event G5 or greater geomagnetic storm do today? A Carrington event could disrupt global technologies, compromising the global positioning system, hampering satellite communications, and shutting down power grids. Given these potential impacts, emergency preparedness and preventive measures are imperative.  As we delve deeper into what such an occurrence would mean for our modern world, it becomes clear how critical emergency preparedness and preventive measures truly are.  Reomended Reading: Long-Term Power Blackout Coming Soon and How Much Time Do We Have Before a G5 Geomagnetic Storm Hits After a Solar CME? What a Carrington Event Would Do Today A 2013 study by Lloyd’s of London indicated that a Carrington-like event could precipitate widespread electrical outages, potentially resulting in an estimated $2.6 trillion in revenue losses. The grave threat of extensive damage to the power grid looms large, with the world potentially facing prolonged power outages that could last years. Solar flares, coronal

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Why Do You Need Emergency Preparedness EMP Protection for Your Vehicle?

In an age of technological reliance, an unforeseen threat lurks that could incapacitate your vehicle and other essential electronics. Imagine a scenario where your car refuses to start, your phone is dead, and even the water taps run dry. Such a catastrophic event isn’t mere fiction; it’s the aftermath of an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP).  Why do you need Emergency Preparedness EMP Protection for your vehicle? Vehicles are vulnerable to electromagnetic pulses. An EMP can incapacitate a vehicle’s electronic systems, rendering it immobile. Protecting against EMPs ensures mobility and safeguarding of critical transport in emergencies.  There is no limit to human ingenuity. There are unpredictable threats out there, some caused by nature, and we have no control over them. This article intends to show you why and how you can stay safe from an EMP strike by using the best vehicle EMP shield protection.   The Fictional Lane: One Second After an EMP For avid readers, the 2009 novel One Second After by William R. Forstchen, available on Amazon, might be familiar. If you haven’t encountered this book, that’s understandable; its content is somber and unsettling. While we often seek uplifting narratives, this novel offers a unique value, mirroring potential real-life scenarios.

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Color vector image of a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) hurtling towards Earth and hitting its magnetic field against magnetic wave flow lines.

Are CMEs A Threat To Earth?

Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs): colossal eruptions releasing approximately a billion tons of scorching plasma from the Sun at staggering speeds. While many of these phenomenal bursts venture off in directions distant from our home planet, there are moments when the trajectories of the Sun and Earth ominously align. But does this mean that every CME poses a potential peril to our world?  Are CMEs a threat to Earth? No, not all CMEs threaten Earth, but some do. Their potential harm hinges on magnetic alignment. Specifically, when a CME’s magnetic field opposes Earth’s, it can induce geomagnetic storms which can directly hit the Earth. Conversely, when aligned similarly, the CME largely bypasses Earth without significant effect.  Diving deep into the cosmic dance between Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) and our home planet, we unravel the mysteries of these solar phenomena and their potential impact on Earth’s intricate electrical infrastructure.  Are There Different Varieties of CMEs? Recommended Reading: What Are CMEs? and How Much Time Do We Have Before a G5 Geomagnetic Storm Hits After a Solar CME? Throughout the years, space scientists and physicists have extensively studied CMEs, leading them to believe there might be distinct types. A shared characteristic among all

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Emergency Preparedness Technology for Disasters

In today’s fast-paced and unpredictable world, emergency preparedness is crucial for survival. As natural disasters like earthquakes, extreme weather, pandemics, wars and other crises continue to test our existence, everyone has to consider the safest sources to protect themselves in emergencies.  However, when the question of protection comes, is emergency preparedness technology the best to use or should we rely on something else? Know that: Optimizing emergency preparedness with innovative technology for resilience and safety has proved to be most valuable in cases of extremity. From early warning systems to quick disaster response solutions, technology has emerged as a powerful tool in safeguarding our lives and minimizing the impacts of disasters. In this article, we will explore the diverse range of technologies that are changing the way we prepare for emergencies. Let’s dive in! Optimizing Emergency Preparedness Technology For Innovation In Safety Depending where you live on this planet, things can be quite dangerous. I live across the bay from a chain of volcanoes in Alaska and we get earthquakes all the time. We also get tsunami warnings frequently and they just updated our local tsunami early warning siren system in the town I live in. I can tell you

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How Big Are Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs)?

The enormity of Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) is staggering, with billions of super-hot materials catapulting from the Sun at breakneck speeds. But how do we measure the colossal scale of these solar behemoths, and what implications do their gargantuan sizes hold for Earth?  How Big Are Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs)? CMEs can be enormous — by the time they approach Earth, some CMEs encompass nearly a quarter of the space between our planet and the Sun. These solar phenomena play a significant role in space weather and impact Earth’s technological systems. This article delves into the threats posed by CMEs, examining how experts are spearheading space-based research on the Sun’s energy to devise strategies for safeguarding power stations and communication networks.  The Reality Surrounding the Dynamics of CMEs Recommended Reading: How Much Time Do We Have Before a G5 Geomagnetic Storm Hits After a Solar CME? and What Are CMEs? The Sun is Earth’s source of light and energy, a massive ball of fire whose distance from our planet safeguards us from being incinerated. However, this fiery orb occasionally releases pent-up energy as fiery storms or Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs). Space scientists have been observing these flare-ups for years, and

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We are a website that writes helpful articles about the latest technology for emergency preparedness and power grid energy. We try new devices and analyze their quality, durability, effects, for emergency preparedness.

This site is owned and operated by Fremontii, LLC. Fremontii, LLC. is a participant in Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to