What are Women’s Cell Phone Accessories?

What are Women's Cell Phone Accessories?

The easy answer would be all Cell Phone and Smartphone accessories directly relating to women or what women want specifically relating to Cell Phone Accessories.

What are Cell Phone Accessories?

To answer this question we are going to have to show some research to explain. First, what are Cell Phone Accessories? For this article, they are Cell Phone Cases, Wireless Cell Phone Chargers, Screen Protectors, and Wireless Bluetooth Headphones.

Women use Cell Phone Accessories as much as men so why no information specific to women? Of course, also many of these products are generic to either sex.

As we were researching products and information for our articles we were shocked to see how Google, Bing, Yahoo, and the other search engines don’t really seek to explain or identify women when it comes to Cell Phone Accessories, Cell Phone Cases, Wireless Cell Phone Chargers or Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for that matter.

Why is there no information for women for cell phone accessories? The Short Answer is it depends.

As you research you soon see quite quickly for whatever reason there is not a lot of information out there specific to women in the Cell Phone Community. If you break it down into Cell Phone Cases, Wireless Cell Phone Chargers, and Wireless Bluetooth Headphones there is more but it is still vague.

99% of it is sales related to most of the internet search engine results that pop up. It is much the same for men in most cases but there is more varied information and many specifics.

If you go to the Top 5 Search Engines and type “Why is there no information for women for cell phone accessories?” Once you wade through the ads on the top of the page the first thing that comes up in the organic search section is no help:

  1. Google: “Reasons Why Mobile Phone Accessories Market is on a Growth Ladder” 
  2. Bing: “Why do women carry nude pictures of themselves on their cell phones?” 
  3. Yahoo: Add “Cell Phone Cases & Covers” 
  4. Ask: Mobile phone accessories – Wikipedia 
  5. AOL: “Why do women carry nude pictures of themselves on their cell phones?” 
  • New Cell Phone 
  • Cell Phone Accessories Wholesale 
  • Cheap Cell Phone Accessories 
  • Samsung Cell Phone Accessories 
  • Discounted Cell Phone Accessories 
  • Motorola Cell Phone Accessories

Amazon left out the word Information.

As you can see below in the Amazon pictures and Ad’s there is nothing specific to women, cell phones, cell phone accessories.

How about if we just type in Cell Phone Women?

This is what comes up.

Understanding what women want and why?

For us, the most important part of this whole process is understanding what women want and why? We have done tons of research over the years on what people want and why..

We want to be a positive contributor to this planet, environment, and do good. If that interests you keep reading and read our blogs.

We are always looking for the best products to use and share with you. We live in Alaska so we like products that are tough, that are some level of waterproof for rain, snow, or just plain sweat.

From the latest in Bluetooth and Wireless Technology, Safe Headphones, and QI Wireless Chargers to tough durable phone cases and to everything in between. Organic, natural, durable, environmentally safe, recyclable, field-tested and fun is what we strive for. We want a symbiotic relationship with planet earth.

What are Women using their Cell Phones for?

For instance, what are they using their Cell Phone Case for? Do they change it when they go out to dinner, dancing, or go Hiking? Do they always keep the same one? Do they want one size fits all and can use it wherever they are going?

What Headphones do they want and how do they use them?

We are constantly asking these questions to better identify what women want and why. How can we help them?

Articles on Women and their Cell Phones

An article clear back from 2013 called “A Look at Women and Their Relationship with Mobile Phones” said that Women really, really like their mobile devices. According to a new study from Time Inc. and Nuance Digital Marketing, 60 percent of women name their mobiles as the most important devices in their lives (significantly higher than men, at 43 percent).

Then is in 2015 – 6 Reasons Why Women Drop Their Phone More Than Men

As we continued to research we found the next interesting article “6 Reasons Why Women Drop Their Phone More Than Men” and whether it is true or not I am not sure but was funny, to say the least. The comments at the end are even better. There seems to be a consensus among women though that their pants have small pockets!!

Smartphones are increasingly common around the globe

According to the Pew Research Center this year – Smartphones – mobile phones that can use the internet and access apps – are very common around the world. Across the 39 countries surveyed, a median of 59% report owning a smartphone, such as a Galaxy or iPhone (see Appendix B for country-specific details). A further 31% report owning another type of mobile device, such as a flip or feature phone. Only about one-in-ten (8%) across the 39 countries report having no mobile device at all.

While many long-standing measures of technology adoption have steadied the past two years, the ways that people get connected and use digital platforms are constantly shifting and evolving. For instance, Pew Research Center surveys have shown that the number of people who are “smartphone-only” internet users – meaning they own a smartphone but do not have traditional home broadband service – has grown from 12% in 2016 to 20% this year 2018.

Please check out our articles “Apps Women Use With Their Smartphones?” and “How to Make Google Your Homepage on the iPhone-Definitive Guide.

Who owns Cell Phones and Smartphones?

In contrast to the largely stationary internet of the early 2000s, Americans today are increasingly connected to the world of digital information while “on the go” via smartphones and other mobile devices.

The vast majority of Americans – 95% – now own a cellphone of some kind. The share of Americans that own smartphones is now 77%, up from just 35% in Pew Research Center’s first survey of smartphone ownership conducted in 2011.

A substantial majority of Americans are cell phone owners across a wide range of demographic groups. By contrast, smartphone ownership exhibits greater variation based on age, household income and educational attainment.

Any CellphoneSmartphoneCellphone, but not Smartphone
Ages 18-29100%94%6%

As the adoption of traditional broadband service has slowed in recent years, a growing share of Americans now use smartphones as their primary means of online access at home. Today one-in-five American adults are “smartphone-only” internet users – meaning they own a smartphone, but do not have traditional home broadband service.

Necessity is the mother of invention

Necessity is the mother of invention and what you are seeing on the internet is possibly that. Obviously every time someone is designing a new app or cell phone case they are thinking of something they need. Why not right. But a lot of what you are seeing is market-driven for what sells and people are choosing.

If you go on Amazon how many Pink Wallet Cell Phone Cases can you buy or a picture of a flower or a queens crown? Do you say bias? Probably but that must what be selling on Amazon.

Do you want a tough case or something to protect your phone? Well, toughness may not be what the person selling or marketing the case think of when they think of women or maybe they do. But it is not predominant in the search array of the subject at hand.

The Final Act of Research in Women’s Magazines for Women and Cell Phones

We are not sure if this is scientific but it is still research. So as a final act of research for this article we went to the top 5 women’s magazines and a couple not in the top 5 to see what they had to say about Women and cell phones. We typed in Cell Phone in the search bar just to see what happened.

  1. Better Homes and Gardens
  2. Good Housekeeping
  3. Woman’s Day
  4. Family Circle
  5. Cosmopolitan
  6. Women’s Health

Better Homes and Gardens had 94 stories but 75% where ads as the deal of the day.

Out of 308 articles on Good Housekeeping, the second one was how to clean your mattress.

168 articles on Women’s Day.

There is no search bar on the Family Circles Website. Ouch!!

Cosmopolitan had 409 results and Lifestyle, Sex and Relationships, Beauty, and Celebs was the top four first Cell Phone related articles.

So Now What?

At the end of the day we need alot more information for women specific t their needs and wants. lets hope it keeps getting better with time.


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