Why Does Mobile Data Drain Your Battery?

Why Does Mobile Data Drain Your Battery?

Mobile data allows you to access the internet while you’re on the move. All you need is a phone signal, and you can keep in touch with people from around the world. However, there are some drawbacks to using mobile data, especially when it comes to your battery life. 

Mobile data drains your battery because when mobile data is engaged, the processor and screen, which are the two most significant battery drainers, are on. Mobile data also runs simultaneously with your cellular connection, making the phone use more energy to do more. 

Continue reading for an in-depth view into why mobile data drains the battery on your phone. I will explore ways that you can prevent this as well as how to make your cell phone battery last longer on a single charge. 

Does Mobile Data Drain More Battery Than WiFi?

Does Mobile Data Drain More Battery Than WiFi?
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Mobile data is typically a significant drain on the battery. However, WiFi also drains the battery on your mobile phone. As a result, people often wonder whether mobile data or Wifi is the more significant drain on your battery life and which one to use when you’re nearing that ominous 1%. 

Mobile data drains more battery than Wifi. Data connects to the baseline cellular connection and the internet, increasing battery usage. As a result, using Wifi over mobile data when possible increases battery life

Although using WiFi over data on your mobile device will boost your battery, it won’t increase your internet speeds. So, you may have to sacrifice speed to save your battery. However, wifi will always be better for maintaining your phone’s charge, regardless of how long it takes to load a page or application. 

Does 5G Drain the Battery Quickly?

Does 5G Drain the Battery Quickly?
Does 5G Drain the Battery Quickly?

So, now you know that mobile data will use more battery power than WiFi or an alternative. However, what about different types of mobile data? Are some forms of mobile data like 5G more energy-intensive than slower connections like 3G? 

5G drains the battery quicker than any other variety of mobile data depending on what you are doing and downloading.

The high-speed connections included in 5G use more energy to operate. 5G can download the same amount of data as 4G in a lot less time because of its advanced speed and saving your device’s battery energy. 

Some mobile phones offer functions that reduce the speed of your mobile data connection, which prolongs the battery life. You can find these functions in the Settings app under the battery or device management. 

How Do You Stop Mobile Data From Draining Battery?

How Do You Stop Mobile Data From Draining Battery?
Tips on how to stop Mobile Data from draining your cell phones battery?

Mobile data is a drain on the battery power in your phone. However, mobile data is a handy tool that allows you to access the internet while on the go. So how do you use mobile data without draining the battery from your cell phone in no time? 

Here’s how you can stop mobile data from draining your battery: 

  • Use WiFi whenever possible 
  • Turn off mobile data when not using your phone 
  • Enable battery saver mode
  • Prevent apps from using mobile data in the background 
  • Restrict battery usage on battery-intensive apps 

See below for a breakdown of the points mentioned above and tips on how to stop Mobile Data from draining your cell phones Battery?

Use Wifi Whenever Possible 

As we mentioned before, mobile data uses more battery than Wifi. Therefore, you should avoid using mobile data and opt for WiFi when conserving battery power. In addition, when WiFi isn’t available, keep your data turned off until you need it to conserve battery life. 

Enable Battery Saver Mode

Enable Battery Saver Mode
Enabling battery saver mode.

Most phones offer a battery saver mode. This feature will intelligently adjust different functions within the phone to limit battery usage. The battery saver will reduce CPU usage, turn down the screen brightness and turn off apps running in the background. The result is a significant increase in battery life. 

Use Lower Quality Mobile Data

Higher quality mobile data like 5G or 4G will use more battery than weaker connections. As a result, many apps and phone settings manuals offer the option to limit your mobile data to 3G. One issue though is all of the major phone carriers in the United States are phasing out and shutting down 3G in 2022.

In the meantime using a lower G will significantly reduce the energy needed to access the web through mobile data. However, the lower connection strength will result in slower internet connections. 

Turn Off Mobile Data When Not Using Your Phone

Turn Off Mobile Data When Not Using Your Phone
Turn Off Mobile Data When Not Using Your Phone

Depending on the situation and you have limited access to charging if you are not using your mobile phone and wish to increase your battery life, switch off mobile data. Mobile data drains the battery in your phone, so disabling it will mean that your cell phone can last for longer on a single charge. Then, when you want to use your phone, enable mobile data again. 

Prevent Apps From Using Mobile Data in the Background

Many applications will continue to run after you’ve left the app. When apps do this, it’s called running in the background. You can turn on a setting that disables background apps from draining your battery on most phones. However, turning off background running may limit an app’s functionality. 

Restrict Battery Usage on Battery Intensive Apps 

Not all apps use the same amount of energy to run. Some apps will drain your battery quickly, while others will hardly impact your battery charge. Find out which apps use the most battery power on your phone, then adjust your settings to restrict the battery usage. If your phone does not offer this feature, make sure you close battery-intensive apps when you’re done using them.

How To Make Your Cell Phone Battery Last Longer?

How To Make Your Cell Phone Battery Last Longer
How To Make Your Cell Phone Battery Last Longer

Cellphones are crucial to functioning in the modern world. Phones have significantly improved over the last few years, and they hold all the things we need to get around, from maps to wallets. However, most smartphones face the same issue: battery time. As a result, people are always searching for ways to prolong their phone battery. 

Here’s how to make your cell phone battery last longer: 

  • Turn down screen brightness 
  • Enable battery optimization/battery saver mode 
  • Turn off sounds and vibrations 
  • Set the screen to shut off after a short amount of time 
  • Don’t allow apps to run in the background 
  • Take care of the battery 
  • Avoid using mobile data 

When making your cell phone battery last longer, you should focus on processing and screen brightness as they are the two most significant battery drains. Therefore, enabling features that reduce CPU usage and screen brightness will boost your battery time. 

Another way to improve your cell phone battery is knowing how to store and charge your cell phone properly. Most people plug in their phones as they go to bed, leaving the device charging overnight. However, this is not great for the battery. 

Instead, you should never fully charge or empty the battery. Keep the charge between 50% and 90% to prolong the life of your cell phone battery. Charging your battery like this will also ensure that the battery remains in proper working condition longer. 

Key Takeaways 

Key Takeaways 
Smartphone sitting on a wireless charger.

Mobile data will use more battery power than WiFi since it also connects to a baseline cellular connection alongside the internet connection. More potent forms of moniker data like 5G use more battery power than weaker alternatives.

You can enable battery saver mode to reduce mobile data drain on your phone’s battery. You can also turn down the brightness, which is the most significant drain on the battery. Disabling apps running in the background is another critical takeaway as it reduces the workload, thus reducing energy usage. 


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