What Is the Orange Dot on Top of the (4th Gen) Alexa Echo Dot?

What Is the Orange Dot on Top of the (4th Gen) Alexa Echo Dot?

If you own a (4th Gen) Amazon Alexa Echo Dot, you’ve probably wondered what each ring color symbolizes, but what about the Orange Dot? Sure, the wonderful splash of colors makes the device outstanding and gives an aesthetic appeal, but seeing a static orange dot on the top can be problematic, and what does it mean?

The orange flashing dot on top of your (4th Gen) Alexa Echo Dot is a Wi-Fi connection failure warning. It also indicates that your Echo Dot is still stuck on the setup page. It’s the only color code representing a wireless network discrepancy and can render your Alexa Echo Dot useless.  

So, if you’re troubled by this irregularity and can’t decide what to do, then stick around as We discuss a few practical methods to alleviate the issue so you can start enjoying your Amazon Echo Dot devoid of the colorful distractions.

What Does the Orange Dot on Top of Your Amazon Echo Mean?

What Does the Orange Dot on Top of Your Amazon Echo Mean?
What Does the Orange Dot on Top of Your Amazon Echo Mean?

The orange light on top of your Amazon Echo can signify one of two main things:

  • Your Amazon Echo is either in setup mode and is awaiting the connection of a good Wi-Fi signal. 
  • The Amazon Echo Dot has failed to connect to your home or work Wi-Fi and is currently trying again.

When Does the Orange Dot Occur?

The orange LED dot above your Amazon Echo naturally comes up when you’re setting up your device for the first time. Usually, it’s a quick process, so if the orange dot seems to last forever, it indicates that you have a problem getting past the startup screen.

To clear this issue and begin using your device, you need a functioning internet connection. So, either your DNS server is temporarily down, or you failed to precisely configure your Amazon Echo (4th Gen) Alexa Echo Dot WIFI settings.

For the first problem, all you need to do is call your internet service provider to fix your connection. Alternatively, you could hook your echo dot to the nearest private Wi-Fi to get past the prompt.

However, if your internet works just fine, then the problem lies within your Echo Dot configuration. Therefore, please read on as we explain how you can set your Echo Dot network settings for first-time connections.

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How To Set Up Your Amazon Echo and Fix Wi-Fi Problems

Sometimes, a mechanical fault, such as a busted receiver, can be why your Echo Dot can’t connect wirelessly, although it’s rare. If so, you’ll need to take the device to your nearest professional Amazon facility and have them fix it for you.

However, before seeking a replacement or repair service, try out these eight easy-to-follow self-diagnosis steps and see if it solves the problem. 

Setting Up Your (4th Gen) Amazon Echo Dot Smart Speaker for Wi-Fi Connection

Setting Up Your (4th Gen) Amazon Echo Dot Smart Speaker for Wi-Fi Connection
Setting Up Your (4th Gen) Amazon Echo Dot Smart Speaker for Wi-Fi Connection
  1. Power Up The Device. Power up your Echo Dot using its cable. During the initial startup, the dot will glow blue and start spinning. This goes to show that your device is on and ready for use. It will change from blue to orange after a minute, signaling you that the speaker is in setup mode, followed by a welcome from Amazon Echo. If you don’t see an orange light at this stage, then please skip to step 4.
  2. Connect To Your Echo Dot Via App Or Browser. Using your smartphone, iPhone or tablet, download the Amazon Alexa App from the corresponding app stores on Android or iOS. Alternatively, you can also access the Echo Dot app through your Google Chrome, Mozilla, or Safari browser. Ensure to clear unnecessary browser cookies, cache, and enable Javascript.
  3. Sign In To Your Amazon Account. After the setup completes, you will be redirected to a sign-in prompt where you must sign in to your Amazon account. At this point, ensure to fill in your correct email and password for an effortless login session, as you can be prompted to verify your account when you make too many login attempts.
  4. Set Up Your New Device. If the setup fails to initiate after logging in, or the orange dot doesn’t flicker when you first switch on the Amazon Echo, you need to reconfigure it. Start by heading down into Settings, then select the ‘Set up a new device’ option. From here, you will be guided by an onscreen wizard, prompting you to choose your language and exact Echo device.
  5. Reconfigure Your Internet Setting. After completing the wizard page, you’ll be redirected to set up your connections section, allowing your Echo Dot to connect to a Wi-Fi network. So, on the ‘Begin Echo’ screen, select the ‘Connect to Wi-Fi’ option and join an existing network within the vicinity. The orange light will appear, notifying you that the device is trying to connect. If it fails once more, skip to step 8.
  6. Check If Your Device Recognizes A New Network. Now close the app and head to your ‘Wi-Fi settings’ on your smartphone or ‘Network & Internet’ panel on windows. You will see a brand new Wi-Fi connection named Amazon-XXXX. If you don’t see this initially, then don’t worry, as it can take up to a minute for the network to appear.
  7. Connect To The Echo Dot Generated Network. Connect to the network generated by your device. Note that you will have to first disconnect from your current Wi-Fi or even forget the network if it persistently reconnects. When you successfully join the network, your device or PC will be directly connected to your Amazon Echo Dot, giving you remote access to its features through the app or browser.
  8. Reboot The Device. Is the orange light still showing up? What you should do to solve this issue is to press and hold the Action button for five seconds or so, then jump back to step 6 and follow the instructions again. You will need to retry this step for all future Amazon Echo’s and Echo Dot’s that you wish to set up.

My (4th Gen) Amazon Echo Dot Still Doesn’t Connect to Wi-Fi

All next-gen Amazon Echo Dot devices, 2nd,3rd, and 4th, can only connect with dual-band 2.4Ghz-5Ghz Wi-Fi networks that use 802.11a/b/g/n network protocol. So, peer-to-peer connections will not run this band, leading to connectivity issues. 

Therefore, your home network must use standard bands to pair your Amazon Echo Dot device to the network. You could also troubleshoot your internet connection so that your echo dot can work.

How To Turn Off Orange Echo Dot Light

How To Turn Off Orange Echo Dot Light
How To Turn Off Orange Echo Dot Light

The orange dot on your Amazon Echo Dot can be turned off by unplugging and resetting the device:

  1. Insert a paperclip or SIM card eject tool onto the Reset button, found at the device’s back.
  2. Push down the button for 3 seconds and release.
  3. The device will switch from orange to blue.
  4. Wait for the dot light to turn off and reboot again.
  5. Your Amazon Echo Dot should now glow orange, allowing you to repeat the above network troubleshooting and configuration steps.

If you’re using an older gen device, we recommend upgrading to the All-New Echo Dot 4th Gen Smart speaker from Amazon. The device emphasizes frequent FireOS updates that allow you to stay updated with the latest features. It also includes an 802.11a/b/g/n/ac 2.4 and 5GHz Wi-Fi bandwidth, supporting new routers and modems connectivity, thus rectifying network issues.


There are several different reasons why you Alexa Echo Dot shows an orange dot. However, by following the tips mentioned, you can quickly troubleshoot and boot up your Amazon Echo Dot device into working condition and enjoy the premium features Alexa has to offer from the comfort of your home or office space.


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