What Are the Advantages of Smartphone Wallet Cases?

What Are the Types of Cell Phone Wallet Cases?

You love your phone, but some days it can feel like a juggling act carrying around a smartphone, wallet, keys, and anything else you need. For guys, your pockets can get weighed down. For ladies, you now have another object to either hold in your hand or hunt for in your purse. 

Depending on your lifestyle, you may need to access specific items frequently or only need a few essentials. If you’re a commuter, you need to have easy access to a metro or train card. College students often only need their phones and school ID card. As a mom-on-the-go, you’ll need quick and easy access to your essentials, like your phone for taking spontaneous pictures and credit cards to buy the groceries while distracting your toddler from the candy in the checkout aisle. 

Fortunately, a smartphone wallet case may provide you with a streamlined way to carry all your essentials, whether you’re a commuter, business person, mom, or simply wanting to consolidate everything you’re carrying.

What Is a Smartphone Wallet Case?

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Smartphone wallet cases are phone cases that also function as a wallet. There are different types of cell phone wallet cases to suit a variety of lifestyles. Types of cell phone wallet cases range from holding a few cards to functioning as a full-sized wallet with a compartment for your phone.

The kind of cell phone wallet case that might work best for you will depend on your specific needs. 

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What Are the Types of Cell Phone Wallet Cases?

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Are you a minimalist who likes to carry only a few cards and a little cash in your wallet? Perhaps, you need a zip pouch on your wallet to hold your change. Maybe your wallet is more like a small purse and needs to carry a variety of cards, IDs, money, change, receipts, and more.

Regardless of the type of wallet you typically need, there is a similar version on the market that allows you to combine your preferred style of wallet with your phone.

1. Attaching a Card Holder to Your Phone

If you typically only need a credit card and your ID, then attaching a cardholder to your smartphone might be the best option for you. This style is particularly popular among commuters and college students who often need easy access to a commuter card or school ID.

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There are different styles available, including a pocket with an opening at the top or some that have a strap that covers the top to minimize the risk of items falling out. Most of these styles come with a strong adhesive that allows you to stick the holder onto the back of your phone.

While these stick to most surfaces, some iPhones are too slick to hold the adhesive. In those situations, you will need to attach it directly to a case. However, in general, you’ll want to use a case anyway to help protect your cell phone

A positive of attaching a cardholder to your existing smartphone case is that you know your case is designed to keep your phone safe if it’s dropped. Since you are only buying a cardholder and not a case, this option is typically cheaper than other wallet-style options.

What You Need to Consider: Keep these details in mind if you’re planning to attach a cardholder to your phone or smartphone case.

  • Determine how many cards you’d like to keep with your phone. Most cardholder cases that attach directly to your cell phone can easily carry from one to three cards. There are brands available that can hold more, but you’ll need to look specifically for that feature.
  • Look for cardholders that hold the cards securely. Some people, understandably, worry that their cards may fall out of cardholders. However, if you look for brands that use an elastic or grippy material that doesn’t stretch out, your cards should remain secure. Additionally, some of these style holders have a button or magnetic clasp attached to a tab that folds over the opening to help keep cards safe.
  • If you use a phone grip on the back of your phone, you’ll want to find a cardholder style that either incorporates a phone grip or doesn’t interfere with your current grip.  There are some brands available that have a grip built into the outside of the cardholder. Another option is to see if your current grip will stay on the cardholder material securely. 

2. Card Holder Built Into a Phone Case

If you like the idea of just a cardholder but are concerned your cards might fall out, then a smartphone case that has a built-in cardholder may be best for you. Like the attachable cardholders discussed above, these hold just a few essentials. However, since the holder is built into the case, your cards are secure and unlikely to fall out.

Phone Case with Card Holder Amazon

This style doesn’t add much bulk to your phone, which is a benefit if you’re trying to streamline what you’re carrying. These should fit comfortably in your pocket while keeping your essentials together. 

There are different styles available, so it’s important to determine the kind that best fits your needs. One style uses stretchy bands that crisscross across your phone to secure your cards to your phone. This style allows you to reach down and access the cards similar to a cardholder. Similarly, some cases have a built-in pocket made of stretchy material that holds cards snugly against the back of the phone case. 

Some cases have a compartment on the back of the case that you slide to access your cards. Another option uses a folio-style wallet that you open up, but the wallet is kept slim since it only holds cards on one side, and your phone on the other side. 

This type of slim-style wallet case comes in a variety of prices, but in general, it will cost more than attaching a cardholder to your phone since you are buying a case.

What You Need to Consider: 

  • Find a case that will keep your phone safe if it’s dropped. When buying this style, you’ll be replacing your current case. Most cases that have a built-in card holder are designed to keep your phone safe from drops, but it will be important to make sure you find the right protection that you need.
  • Determine how you want to access your cards. As discussed, there are a variety of designs available that store your cards differently. Some styles allow you to reach into the top of a pocket to grab your cards, and folio-style cases will require you to open up the case to access your cards.   

3. Combination Cell Phone Case Plus Full-sized Wallet

If you need to have more than a few cards with you, then a full-sized wallet that has a compartment for your phone may be the best choice for you. There are a variety of styles and looks available to suit men, women, and teenagers. 

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Smartphone wallet cases typically have at least one fold, like a folio. This style case can have a variety of included features to allow you to store multiple cards, IDs, cash, coins, receipts, and more. As a result, this style will be bulkier than other options.

This style will often cost more than other options since they are functioning as your phone case and a full-sized wallet. However, these combination-style wallet cases do come in a range of prices to suit any budget. 

What You Need to Consider: Given the variety of smartphone wallet cases available, it’s helpful to know in advance the types of features you most want, so that you have the style wallet you like plus a secure phone case. Fortunately, there are a variety of features available to fit everyone’s needs.

  • Determine how you’d like to carry your smartphone wallet case. While you can put any of these wallet cases inside a briefcase or purse, most come with an alternative way that you can carry it. Some come with an included belt clip so you can carry it hands-free without having to put it in a pocket. Another common style includes a wrist strap so you can carry it securely on your wrist.
  • Determine how you want the wallet to close. Most wallets come with a magnetic feature. Some you fold close, and the magnet keeps the wallet held securely together. Other styles have a short strap that you fold over the opening once you close the wallet. 
  • Identify the number and types of wallet compartments you need. Some brands come with a zipper compartment for change or multiple compartments to keep cards, cash, and receipts organized. As with any wallet, be sure to look for the features you most need.
  • Determine how you want your phone to be secured in the wallet. Some wallet cases secure your phone with a magnet. The advantage is that it’s easy to remove your phone from the case quickly.
  • Identify if you need your wallet to double as a kickstand for your phone. Some wallet cases also work as a kickstand for your phone. So if you’re often on the go and need to have a kickstand with you, this will be a good option.

Smartphone Wallet Cases Can Fit Any Lifestyle

Smartphone Wallet Cases Can Fit Any Lifestyle

Whether you want a full-sized wallet and phone case or want a way to carry a few essentials with your phone, there is a smartphone wallet case that will suit your needs. Additionally, cases come with a variety of features, styles, and colors to fit everyone’s lifestyle, whether you’re a commuter, college student, parent on the go, or traveler. These style cases will make it easy to keep everything you need together. 

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