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Westinghouse 9500df Dual Fuel Generator Review: Is it Worth It?

Outdoor daytime color photo of the Westinghouse 9500df Dual Fuel Generator sitting on a sidewalk with a white propane tank attached supplying fuel.

Electrical power interruptions can be costly and may arise from several factors, including severe weather, terrorist activities, or human error. Among the various home power backup options available, dual fuel generators stand out as a reliable, inexpensive choice. The Westinghouse 9500df dual fuel generator is a notable product in this category. But what exactly sets this generator apart as a balanced blend of price and convenience?

Is the Westinghouse 9500df Dual Fuel Generator worth it? 75% percent of customers love this generator. 25% have difficulty starting it and have had bad experiences with Westinghouse customer service. Westinghouse won’t send you a new one, does not do in-home service, and they send you to their service center voice mail if there are issues with this machine.

The Westinghouse 9500df Dual Fuel Generator boasts 7500 running Watts and 9500 surge Watts on gasoline, blending performance with convenience through an intuitive screen and remote start. A wheel and handle kit aids maneuverability, while a steel frame and cast-iron engine sleeve enhance durability.

Westinghouse 9500df Dual Fuel Generator Overall rating 75/100
Power 95/100
Portability 90/100
Noise level 85/100
Convenience of use90/100

Pros of the Westinghouse 9500df Dual Fuel Generator

Color photo of the blue Westinghouse 9500df Dual Fuel Generator on a white background.
Westinghouse 9500df Dual Fuel Generator available on

For other dual-fuel generator options, read our article on the best dual fuel generators for emergency preparedness.

  • High Power Output: The Westinghouse 9500df offers a power output of 7500W and 9500W when running on gasoline, 6750W and 8550W when running on propane. This substantial power is sufficient to operate several household appliances simultaneously. The power output can sustain light commercial devices, such as drills, grinders, and welding machines.
  • Efficiency: This generator is powered by a 420cc air-cooled OHV engine that achieves an impressive 11 hours of operation on a 6.6-gallon (25 liters) tank at 50% load. This fuel efficiency is notable, especially considering the high-power output that this generator delivers. 
  • Enhanced Safety: The carburetor injection system on the Westinghouse 9500df features an automatic low oil shutdown mechanism that promptly shuts off the engine when low oil pressure is detected, thereby protecting the engine from damage. Other safety features accompanying this generator include automated voltage regulation, a high-sensitivity circuit breaker, surge protection, and rubber outlet covers. 
  • Versatile Output Options: The Westinghouse dual fuel generator powers a wide range of devices. The manufacturer has integrated several outlets, including two 120V-GFCI household outlets, one 120/240V 30-amp twist-lock output, and a 12V DC battery charger. These options allow for easy connection to any device you wish to power. 
  • Friendly User Interface: The control panel of this generator is intuitively designed and arranged to enhance safety and control. The VFT data center, main circuit breaker, battery indicator, engine start/stop button, electric start button, smart switch, and power outlets are neatly organized on a single panel. This arrangement makes the generator very user-friendly.

Cons of the Westinghouse 9500df

A color photo composite of multiple Westinghouse 9500df Dual Fuel Generator accessories on a white background.
Multiple Westinghouse 9500df Dual Fuel Generator accessories.
  • Reliability and starting issues: Everyone has unique experiences with machinery and 75% of the Amazon reviews are good 5 star ratings besides one’s own experience. This gives this generator and overall rating of 4.6 at this writing with thousands purchased. But for 25% of customers, they have trouble starting this generator. So for emergency preparedness, power outages, and very cold temperatures (-20C) you might look at one of our other recommendations.
  • Bad Westinghouse and Amazon Customer Support: If the generator does not work properly, Amazon will not send you a new one. The next option is to take it to an authorized Westinghouse distributor or repair location if you have one near you. Not always good in rural areas. Reviews of Westinghouse repeated and monotonous customer support 20 to 30 minutes hold times from phone contact.
  • Quite Heavy: The Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment 9500 is substantially heavy due to its size and robust steel construction. Weighing in at 201 pounds, this generator is nearly impossible to lift. Fortunately, it comes with a wheel and handle kit to facilitate easier maneuverability across various terrains. The 8-inch wheels navigate over grass effortlessly and with minimal struggle.
  • Quite Noisy: The 420cc engine tends to be noisy. At a half load of operation, the generator emits about 72 dBA, which can be loud, especially in densely populated environments. However, the noise is significantly reduced when the generator operates outside a house.
  • Sensitivity to Gasoline Quality: This generator has shown sensitivity to the quality of gasoline used. Some users have reported experiencing hard starts and erratic engine performance when using regular and mid-grade gasoline with octane ratings below 91. The generator performs optimally with premium-grade gasoline, boasting octane ratings above 92. The workaround for this issue is to ensure the use of high-quality fuel.
  • Requires Initial Assembly and Setup: Some assembly and setup are required before this generator is ready for use. Although these assembly steps are clearly detailed in the user manual and are generally DIY-friendly, some individuals might find it necessary to have an electrician handle the assembly.

Who Should Buy This?

Color daytime photo of strong white man on a asphalt paving site starting a Westinghouse 9500df Dual Fuel Generator being fueled by propane.

Contractors and someone with basic mechanical ability and physical body strength to deal with the machine’s weight. The Westinghouse 9500df is a multi-purpose generator suitable for a variety of applications. It can serve as a home power backup system, a light commercial power source, and an outdoor power provider. It generates ample power to effectively serve: 

  • Homes
  • Offices
  • Clinics
  • Yachts
  • RVs
  • Small businesses

The L14-R30 power outlet is transfer switch-ready, facilitating easy hook-up to home electrical systems. This generator proves to be invaluable during emergencies that disrupt the power supply.

Why the Westinghouse 9500df Is Worth It

You Get 3 Year’s Warranty

This product comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, encompassing limited service, labor, and parts coverage, backed by a nationwide customer service network.

Convenience of Use

Starting the Westinghouse 9500df is a breeze. Users have the option of utilizing either the remote or the push start button, with the pull cord serving as a last resort in the unlikely event that both these systems fail.


The Westinghouse 9500df is constructed to endure the test of time. While the enforced steel frame and a forged cast iron engine sleeve may add weight to the generator assembly, they ensure its longevity even with daily use.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the performance difference between gasoline and propane in the Westinghouse 9500df?

Propane produces 20% less power than gasoline when used in the Westinghouse 9500df. The reasons for this power discrepancy is that propane has fewer British Thermal Units (BTUs) than gasoline, and the propane fuel injection system encounters some mechanical limitations leading to inefficiencies. Minor modifications in the fuel system might mitigate these inefficiencies. However, it’s noteworthy that propane burns cleaner than gasoline and has a longer shelf life.

How significant is the noise produced by the Westinghouse 9500df?

The noise level of 72dBA is reasonable for a generator the size of the Westinghouse 9500df. The generator is not excessively loud, making it suitable for use in many scenarios.

Is it safe to use the Westinghouse 9500df indoors?

Given that this generator emits harmful fumes, using it indoors or in enclosed spaces is not advisable. It should be set up in an area with adequate ventilation to disperse the fumes and aid in cooling. This generator lacks a CO2 shutdown sensor to halt operations when carbon monoxide levels rise, posing a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if used indoors.

How reliable is the Westinghouse 9500df?

The Westinghouse 9500df is highly relativley reliable and provides good value for money.

What common issues should I anticipate with the Westinghouse 9500df?

Common issues include difficulty starting the generator in extremely cold environments, occasional fuel leaks, and sensitivity to fuel quality. Westinghouse customer service can frustrate and monotonous customer support. In support of Westinghouse, they are certainly not the only American corporation with difficult customer support options.

Key Takeaways

The Westinghouse 9500df is a reliable and powerful choice for those seeking a power source capable of energizing small to mid-sized appliances.

Suitable for both light commercial and domestic, as well as outdoor use, this generator presents a product that offers value for money for 75% percent of their happy thousands of customers.

Buy the Westinghouse 9500df Dual Fuel Generator on now.


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We are a website that writes helpful articles about the latest technology for emergency preparedness and power grid energy. We try new devices and analyze their quality, durability, effects, for emergency preparedness.

This site is owned and operated by Fremontii, LLC. Fremontii, LLC. is a participant in Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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We are a website that writes helpful articles about the latest technology for emergency preparedness and power grid energy. We try new devices and analyze their quality, durability, effects, for emergency preparedness.

This site is owned and operated by Fremontii, LLC. Fremontii, LLC. is a participant in Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to