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The Future of Smartphones: AI, Wearable Tech, 5G, Robots, 8K

The Future of Smartphones AI, Wearable Tech, 5G, Wireless, 8K

When we talk about the Future of Smartphones with new AI, Wearable Tech, 5G, Robots, 8K, and Sustainability, we imagine Smartphones will be completely unrecognizable from what they are now. Smartphones are becoming increasingly essential to our daily lives. Still, their evolution has been constant and steady – not necessarily slow, just often imperceptive.

We are constantly researching and sharing the new tech that is added to Smartphones all the time. We want to know and answer “How we are progressing” to the Smartphone Future and beyond. One thing is for sure, Smartphones with AI, Wearable Tech, 5G, Robots, 8K, and Sustainability will change our lives.

Every time you upgrade your handset, you’ll notice constant innovations and genuinely groundbreaking improvements. These more significant additions often occur behind the scenes but then enable many smaller changes over time.

The Future of Smartphones Tech Breakthroughs

The Future of Smartphones Tech Breakthroughs
The Future of Smartphones Tech Breakthroughs

The Future of Smartphones

  • 5G
  • AI
  • Wireless
  • Wearable Tech
  • Mobile Technolgy in Robots
  • Return of the Flip Phone
  • Flex Phones
  • 4K/8K Resolution
  • Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Smartphones

For example, the advent of 4G allowed smartphones and app developers to offer so many improvements. The cellular internet was faster and more stable than ever before; this allowed apps like Apple Music and Spotify to provide streaming on the go – without costing the user a small fortune.

This breakthrough is the technology that powered the entire improved network. Something that gave cell phone manufacturers and software developers more room to maneuver and implement their innovative ideas.

Incoming advancements in technology are always on the horizon. In the next few years, we’re going to see this play out in numerous ways. Here are some of the exciting changes we can expect to see as we head into the future:

The Future of Smartphones for 5G

The Future of Smartphones 5G
The Future of Smartphones 5G

We’re not exaggerating when we say 5G is going to change everything – eventually. We’re talking about a cellular network that’s potentially faster than home broadband. One we carry around in our pockets. The first thing 5G can do is make the concept of a data allowance obsolete, just like broadband did for the home download limit.

The speed and secure connections offered by 5G is encouraging a wave of new services, app functions, and complementary technology. It’s a rapid new digital highway that all other smartphone tech can ride, be it hardware or software.

Manufacturers and software developers have had concepts in the pipeline for years. Still, they haven’t been able to implement them due to data or speed restrictions. Smartphones themselves have been perfectly capable of these advancements for some time – but have been waiting for something to come along and facilitate them. This is why once 5G becomes the standard; smartphones will continue to evolve rapidly as we know them.

We discuss “Examining 5G Technology For Smartphones” and “Do You Need to Upgrade to a 5G Phone in a Small Town?” if you would like to investigate 5G further.

The Future of Smartphones for AI

The Future of Smartphones AI
The Future of Smartphones AI

We love AI so we write about it often and one of our articles we recommend is “Smartphone AI: Helpful Artificial Intelligence For The Beginner.”

Like 5G, Ai or Artificial Intelligence within smart devices (such as cell phones) and the future of smartphones is another of the next significant advancements that define the industry’s future. AI isn’t what most people think it is. Many people think of Siri or other virtual assistants when they think of AI. As when we think of intelligence, it’s only natural to personify that concept – and Siri, Cortana, and Alexa are the closest thing we have in that regard.

But the truth is more complicated. In a way, the truth is a bit more dull and far more exciting at the same time! AI refers to the complex algorithms that go on in the background, enabling a piece of technology to think for itself seemingly. Allowing it to make predictions and analyze trends in a way that benefits that individual user.

Rather than imagining a disembodied voice; instead, picture a disembodied brain. With Machine learning, one that doesn’t talk to you, but as always listening and watching for ways to get its job done more efficiently. Recording your habits, likes, and dislikes, then translating this into practical solutions. This is what today’s smartphones and tomorrow’s will be bringing to the table – and it’s far more impressive than anything Siri can currently do.

The Future of Smartphones Wireless Revolution

More and more products are adapting a wireless option. From headphones, earphones, and chargers to compatibility with other devices like watches and fitness trackers – wireless is the future, and wired technology may have ultimately had its day.

5G only hastens the end of wired technology. The connections between devices are quicker every day with less latency (response time), and more robust. This improvement is especially true if 5G facilitates advancement in Bluetooth and other technology that enables connection.

As companies like Apple, Google, and Samsung phase-out headphone jacks or cables entirely. More and more people have adopted innovations like wireless chargers, earbuds, and wireless headphones. Meaning eventually, manufacturers may stop producing Smartphones with wires.

Wearable Tech

Self-lacing Air Jordans
Self-lacing Air Jordans

These new innovative changes seemed like something that was coming eventually, but a long time in the future. But now, the smartphone industry is barrelling towards this becoming a reality sooner than many expected. The next wave of smartphones is pushing this envelope even further. Now we are wearing our Tech.

We imagine we’ll soon start to see a rapid uptake of wearable technology and smart devices following on from Wireless Tech. Currently, when we think about Wearable Tech, we think of fitness trackers, smartwatches, and other increasingly common devices. But when it comes to Wearable Tech connected to our Smartphones, the sky is truly the limit.

Future Smartphones will be connected to smart rings, necklaces, glasses, bands, even smart t-shirts, jackets, and shoes started hitting the wearable tech market. These items find their way deeper into the heart of public consciousness – each with a corresponding smartphone app that acts as the technology’s central hub.

Continuing Advancement of Mobile Technolgy in Robots

5G and artificial intelligence both play a role in enabling the use of more wearable Tech in the coming years. AI facilitates such software to reach new heights regarding data capture and analysis. At the same time, 5G enables a rapid transfer of data between devices.

As 5G and Smartphone AI become commonplace, Mobile Technology and Robotics become increasingly important in our everyday lives. It is a natural extension of the design and concept of Mobile Technology.

Mobile Technology is a natural progression in Robotics as well. Suppose a Robot with a computer needs to move on its own and be connected to the internet and web. It is an obvious parallel that it requires super-fast connections of Wireless 5G and beyond with AI.

Some of the most popular Robots on the market are Robotic Vacuum Cleaners and Mops with Smartphone Apps and Lidar.

Return of the Flip Phone

Oh no!! This is already happening, courtesy of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. The clamshells of yesteryear are having a resurgence. While this new crop of flip phones is aimed at a very niche market, we expect to see more arrive in the next few years.

Some people always preferred smaller cell phones, feeling uncatered for the iPhone’s advent – and those that followed in its footsteps. Smaller phones haven’t been fashionable for a long time but maybe about to be back in vogue. Not everybody wants a tablet in their pocket.

While we don’t think this is an end to Smartphones as small tablets, we certainly believe it’s the beginning of something new. Potentially an age when smartphones begin to adopt various strange shapes and sizes. This result leads us nicely to our next topic.

Flex Smartphones

Patents for flexible, even bendy smartphones have been doing the rounds online for years. The idea is to create a cell phone that’s so robust and versatile that it could potentially be folded in half – not unlike flip phones.

While the Flexible Smartphone’s concept may not appeal to everyone, there are plenty of people who are legitimately excited by this possibility. We believe it’s now a matter of when rather than if.

This revolutionary design could eliminate the need for a smartphone case or the damage from drops and bumps. For some people, this isn’t a problem, but their iPhone’s fragile nature is the bane of their existence for others. We all know a person who has a perpetually broken phone screen, don’t we? We imagine they will be first in line when these come to market.

The Future of Smartphones 4K/8K Resolution

The Future of Smartphones 4K 8K Resolution
4K 8K Resolution

The most recent iPhones and Samsung smartphone models are the first to adopt ultra-HD and 4K. Not just as part of their video playback but built into their cameras too. This Innovative technology is fascinating on so many levels. It changes the face of photography and videography too.

There are now Smartphones with 8K Video recording capability like the Samsung S20. Coupled with the advent of 5G, and what we expect is the end of data allowances, people may soon be able to live stream significant portions of their life. And not just in the way they do now, but perpetually and in incredibly high quality.

This technology may sound like the abyss to many of us, especially if we value our privacy. But from a connectivity point of view, and as the moves forward – where connectivity is essential. This technology represents something very significant. Something that may render social media utterly obsolete.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Smartphones

Sustainability is no longer a concern for the few but for the many, in whatever form it takes. Climate change is an issue of our age, and the importance of winning the battle against it is not lost on cell phone manufacturers.

We expect to see a plethora of Eco-Friendly Smartphones enter the market over the next few years. Using AI to analyze its user’s habits through wearable Tech, these eco-friendly cell phones help their user live a more sustainable life.

Connectivity with home-based systems using ‘smart home’ apps also informs these devices, allowing each user to understand how to live more economically and sustainably. Helping the planet is only part of it, in any case. These smartphones and their software also enable users to improve their health through diet and exercise.

As sustainability becomes a more significant issue on the world stage, expect to also see this play out in the future smartphones. Please see our article “What is Sustainability on an Eco-Friendly Smartphone?”

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We are a website that writes helpful articles about the latest technology for emergency preparedness and power grid energy. We try new devices and analyze their quality, durability, effects, for emergency preparedness.

This site is owned and operated by Fremontii, LLC. Fremontii, LLC. is a participant in Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to