Smartphone AI: Is Artificial Intelligence Making Life Amazing?

Smartphone AI: Is Artificial Intelligence Making Life Amazing

Truth be told, so much has changed today. Life is not as it used to be decades ago. Smartphone Artificial Intelligence is one of those agents that have come to cause a shift in today’s world systems. Technology has taken over in an unprecedented way. The kind of things your phone can do for you, without much struggle, is just incredible.

In this article, I would like to highlight fundamental Smartphone Artificial Intelligence functions that have changed the conventional way of life. Through this, we get to evaluate whether our lives are becoming easier and more amazing or not.

In this regard, the million-dollar question is whether AI has come to make our lives better or not. I have owned a smartphone for years now, and I can attest that long gone are the analog mediums of communication and connection that existed before the turn of the 21st century.

Voice Assistants

Voice Assistants
Google Assistant

Voice Assistants are one of the magic functions that your Smartphone can do through the power of AI. I was genuinely fascinated by the idea of voice assistants on my phone when I first came across it. Years ago, this was only but a dream in the technology company’s minds at the time. Today, it is such a luxury to have smartphone owners rely on a tool to attend to their unique needs, bearing in mind that different phone users have diverse needs, tastes, and preferences regarding their phone usage.

Through artificial intelligence voice assistants, all you need is to do voice commands to your Smartphone, and you have various actions taken care of. It doesn’t matter what Smartphone you’re using. Suppose you have a voice assistant tool like Google Assistant or Siri. In that case, you automatically have artificial intelligence working on your phone. A great example of what this technology does is that it can do voice recognition.

We discuss this in some of our past articles like Smartphone AI: How Intelligent is Your Smartphone? and Smartphone AI: Apple’s Siri.

Indeed, Artificial Intelligence technology is expanding with a remarkable increase in the processing power of devices. Can you imagine that AI voice assistant tools like Google Assistant and Siri can initiate functions like reading emails, making suggestions, surfing the internet, and running phone applications? Of greater interest still, they can give out creative comments.

It’s important to mention that the popularity of smartphone Artificial Intelligence has grown tremendously since different brands have their own tools. For example, as we have discussed in the past, Apple has Siri, Google has Google Assistant, and Samsung has Bixby. Is this making life easier? I believe it does. Having your phone doing so much for you is functionality that brings many conveniences in your life.

What about Object Recognition?

Object Recognition
Artificial Intelligence Object Recognition

Suppose you thought that voice recognition is the only thing that smartphone Artificial Intelligence is able to do. In that case, you are forgiven for that. There’s something called Virtual Reality that has caused a significant shift in the world of AI. Indeed, this technology’s infinite applications have a way of making things easier for you as a smartphone user.

Through this application, I am able to recognize the movement of particular objects and be able to identify them in real-time, and have the equivalent processing. A good example of object recognition is face recognition.

One article we read from MIT Open Acces Articles was Glimpse: Continuous, Real-TimeObject Recognition on Mobile Devices. This article describes

“Experiments with Android smartphones and Google Glass over Verizon, AT&T, and a campus Wi-Fi network show that with hardware face detection support (available on many mobile devices), Glimpse achieves precision between 96.4% to 99.8% for continuous face recognition.”

MIT Open Source Articles Glimpse: Continuous, Real-Time
Object Recognition on Mobile Devices

An incredible achievement, and any smartphone today that can recognize the face can do so through AI. Because of programs and advanced hardware unlocking my device isn’t a tedious process today. I no longer use passwords or my fingerprints to unlock it.

Apple iPhone Face ID Advanced Technology

Apple iPhone Face ID Advanced Technology
Apple iPhone Face ID Advanced Technology

With AI, I can comfortably use my face to unlock and use my device. All that one needs to do is look at their phone, and the built-in artificial intelligence responds accordingly. For example, let’s take the facial recognition process of one who uses even a smartphone like the iPhone X. Face ID is available on iPhone X models and later.

This particular Smartphone uses a True Depth Camera for the function of face recognition process.

The True Depth Camera has three tools that help to identify your face in different scenarios. The tools include:

  • Infrared camera
  • Dot projector
  • Flood illuminator

The flood illuminator contains an infrared light that you can’t see with your eyes but makes it possible for the phone to see your face well in a dim-light environment. The dot projector tool exposes your face to 30,000 infrared dots that form a 3D map of your face. In fact, your Smartphone will need you to move your face in different directions to scan it effectively during the first time when you do the face identification setup. This system is useful since it can unlock your phone with your face views from different angles.

Apart from face recognition, AI in your Smartphone is able to capture scene recognition. Some of the scenes that particular smartphones can identify include sunsets, snow scenes, and text images. Does this make it easier for you as a smartphone user? Most definitely, having a phone that has such functionality is a great idea.

The Transformation of Photography

The Transformation of Photography-Colby Mortensen in Bhutan
Young man in traditional Bhutanese clothing

One thing that I can categorically affirm is that photography has really changed over the years. Smart photography has indeed taken over the space that analog photography had occupied for the longest time. So much has changed in how photos are taken. Let’s take, for instance, the pose and the processing of light. Without a doubt, you notice a lot of difference when it comes to these features of photography in relation to artificial intelligence.

According to ZDNet, AI has brought in place a whole different dimension of how things are done. Did you know that you’re able to manipulate the outcome of your photos? Yes, through smartphone Artificial Intelligence, you can get sharp photos that weren’t possible to get before. Generally, smartphone software is not the same as desktop software.

Machine Learning Aspects Of Photography

Machine Learning Aspects Of Photography
Machine Learning Aspects Of Photography

Photography has changed and, as a result, has become an important part of our daily lives. If you’re a person who loves keeping memories, then machine learning aspects of photography are making it possible for smartphone owners to have beautiful and quality photos to preserve great moments. For instance, let’s look at the state of the art photos that smartphones can produce in today’s technological advancement age. When you compare an iPhone 11 Pro or Google’s Pixel 5 smartphone photos with what was before, you will definitely know that AI has come to make life amazing.

Essentially, with my Smartphone, I am able to achieve a quality of photography results that’s equal to what high-resolution cameras are able to produce. That is the main reason I purchased my iPhone 11 Pro. The picture clarity and features were astonishing when I was looking at it at the Apple store. It brought far off pictures in twice as close with incredible clearness.

A case in point is when I recently attended a birthday party of a friend of mine who happened to benefit from my Smartphone a great deal. My phone happens to have the quality of artificial intelligence technology that’s able to produce superior photos. My friend asked me to take some pictures, so I became the photographer of the day, thanks to my Smartphone. Since technology has grown tremendously, I didn’t disappoint. My friend’s party was well covered. Pretty much anyone standing around with a smartphone is taking what seems like professional quality pictures these days.

Faster Data Processing

Faster Data Processing
Faster Data Processing

The processing of data is a very crucial feature of any smartphone. If the r data processing is a challenge in your Smartphone. In that case, you’ll bear with me that you’ll not enjoy the functionality of your phone. The good news is that you can have a faster data processing process through Smartphone artificial intelligence.

The new Apple iPhone 12 has the amazingly fast A14 Bionic Chip

“A14 Bionic is the first chip in the smartphone industry built on 5-nanometer process. Faster and more efficient than ever, A14 Bionic has the fastest CPU and GPU by up to 50 percent compared to the fastest competing smartphone chips”

Apple iPhone 12 – A14 Bionic Chip

Only advanced phones are able to support such AI hardware. That is why you find the most superior phones having optimized hardware that can handle a complex data processing capacity through artificial intelligence. If you’re a graphics designer, for example, you can make use of AI applications in your phone to achieve faster data processing. Additionally, there are improved functions in smartphones to increase their processing level in terms of power.

AI Contributes to Decision Making

AI Contributes to Decision Making
AI Contributes to Decision Making

Did you know that AI plays a significant role in the decisions that smartphone users make? According to an article by Impacto TIC, 5 Functions of Artificial Intelligence on your Smartphone, on average, you look at your Smartphone more than 2.5 hours daily. During that entire time, you’re able to make approximately 35,000 decisions.

Fundamentally, through AI, your habits, tastes, and preferences can be learned and transformed into suggestions by your phone through various applications. According to Wikipedia, Google Photos

“In May 2017, Google announced several updates to Google Photos, including reminders for and suggested sharing of photos, shared photo libraries between two users, and physical albums, with Photos automatically suggesting collections based on face, location, trip, or other distinction.”

Wikipedia Google Photos

If you didn’t know that AI can make decisions for you through suggestion creation, now you know.

Indeed, from the discussion above, it’s evident that smartphone artificial intelligence is making life better and more amazing for us all. The applications and functions enabled through AI are so innovative that smartphone users are finding them incredibly valuable. It is evident that these trends are unstoppable, and things can only become better as artificial intelligence is concerned.

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