What Makes a Good Portable Power Station In Emergencies?

In emergencies we don’t have time to think about portable power for our phones or computers. Sadly, these devices are still reliant on electricity and power grids, which you won’t most likely have in a power outage or deep in the country camping. That’s why investing in a good solar portable power station should be considered by everyone. 

A good portable power station is compact, light, long-lasting, quick to charge, and durable. It needs to be fast charging by wall outlet or solar panel and power critical devices. It should also counter surges and emit very little noise. 

These devices are not inexpensive and In this article, we will list the best portable power stations for emergencies so you can make an informed decision on what to get. We will also mention the things you should look for when buying one. Read on to secure your power supply!

Temporary Power

If you think through emergency power in a city, one of the best things to have in a power outage is something to keep your freezer and refrigerator running like a solar portable power station. To lose all the frozen and refrigerated food in sometimes multiple fridges and freezers can be extremely costly.

You also should consider medications that need refrigeration or using power-dependent medical devices. These all come into play in power outages that can last for days or weeks, as we often experience or see on the news.

Solar power is also an extremely efficient and beneficial way to recharge these portable power stations, especially when there is no power.

Being deep in the woods or country for long periods of time or even off grid, you don’t want to “need” gasoline all the time to run a generator when we have alternative technology and energy.

What Happens if There is No Gasoline Available?

If a power outage in your area is extended for a long period from severe weather or a natural disaster like an earthquake or flood, what happens to the fuel supply at your local gas station?

You will not be going to the gas station to get gas for your emergency generator because the gas pumps won’t work without power either. That is why, for the ultimate emergency or being out in the woods, we recommend a solar power alternative.

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Best Overall: Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 2000 PRO

Jackery Explorer 2000 PRO Portable Power Station check the latest prices on Amazon.

Hands down, this is the best portable power station in our opinion and holds the distinction of “Amazon’s Choice.” This product proudly claims to power your heater, television, and even your full-size refrigerator. Your worries will be definitely eased if you have this product around.

Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro and 6X SolarSaga 200W Solar Panel Package.
Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro and 6X SolarSaga 200W Solar Panel package available on Amazon.


  • Seamless charging. Attaching the SolarSaga solar panels can turn the Explorer 2000 PRO into a solar power station with a wattage of 2160Wh (2200W AC output power). All you have to do is attach the 6 Jackery SolarSaga 200W solar panels.
  • Home emergency power. Power 99% home appliances in a power outage with 2200W AC output power and types of 8 outlets. 3AC outlet plugs, 2USB-A quick charge 3.0, 2USB-C PD 100W, 1Car outlet. Also excellent for outdoor off-grid activities.
  • Pass-through charging. Another neat thing about it is that it allows pass-through charging. Many actually advise against this, as this can usually damage other power stations or smaller power banks, but Jackery proudly claims that it’s safe to do it on their device. 
  • Easy to use and handle. This unit weighs 43 pounds, so very lightweight and compact, so you can easily take it for your next trip in the woods or even at sea. 
  • Quiet but efficient. It’s praised as an incredibly quiet device, giving off only 53DB decibels or less.


  • Can’t withstand extreme temperatures. The problem with it, however, is that you can barely use it in cold climates. When the Explorer is too cold, it will not charge. 
  • Prone to cracking. They also made the outer hardware of plastic, for weight, so you have to be careful when handling it as if dropped too far could certainly crack or break. 
  • Lacking device protection. The on and off button is also easy to flick, and you may accidentally turn them off. The device is also not waterproof, so do avoid splashes. 

Most Durable: Goal Zero Yeti 3000X Solar Generator

Most Durable: Goal Zero Yeti 3000X Solar Generator
Goal Zero Yeti 3000X with 2 Boulder 200 Briefcase Solar Panels available on Amazon.

This power station has one of the most impressive hardware out there. This power station was designed to be tough and to withstand even the most unforgiving conditions of the Arctic! No matter what trip you have planned, you can definitely count on the Yeti 3000X.


  • Emergency Power. You can keep this Solar Generator plugged in to a 120v wall plug to keep it ready and use the Solar panels to recharge in emergencies. Comes with 3000W AC output power and seven different port options including fast-charging 60W USB-C Power Delivery, multiple USB-A ports, regulated 12V, and two 120V AC ports..
  • Powering Home Appliances. The Yeti 3000X power station, combined with 2 included Boulder 200 Briefcase solar panels,can run a full-size refrigerator requiring 71W for 43 hours. It can also run freezers, coffeemakers, and power tools to name a few but not simultaneously. This solar generator is a very good home backup and recreational power source.
  • Solar panel compatibility. With the Boulder 200 Briefcase solar-panel portable pair, this generator can charge in a minimum of 9 hours. With 600W of solar panels, the Yeti will charge in 6 hours! If you want to switch to solar panels for virtually unlimited power, this is perfect for you. You can face it toward the sun for long periods of time, as it comes with temperature protection. Simply plug in the panel and you’re ready.
  • Lightweight. This product is easy to move around with wheels attached and perfect for campers as it only weighs about 42 lbs.. You can easily move it on your property or load it onto your vehicle or camper, thanks to its light aluminum frame. 
  • Overvoltage protection. A big concern with some power stations is that they can create surges and damage appliances. Smartphones are particularly sensitive to this, as we explain in an article you may want to read next. With Goal Zero’s power station, this isn’t a worry. Besides that, it also offers under-voltage protection for your peace of mind. 
  • Smartphone APP Control. You can monitor and control the Yeti 3000X and optimize your power usage from anywhere with Yeti App 3.0.


  • Expensive. The Yeti 3000X model with 2 briefcase solar panels comes in at a $4,579, which is pretty common for a high powered solar generator! Although that puts it out of the scope of some people, that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it. The product is undeniably impressive. 
  • Can’t plug in multiple devices. The continuous output of this model is 300 watts. This means you may have trouble plugging in multiple devices at once. 
  • Can be noisy. When the device is churning out a lot of electricity, it can be prone to overheating, keeping the fans in full swing. This creates a lot of buzzing noise, which may annoy for some. 

Best for Tech Junkies: Westinghouse iGen1000s Portable Power Station

Best for Tech Junkies: Westinghouse iGen1000s Portable Power Station.
Westinghouse iGen1000s Portable Power Station check the latest prices at Amazon.

If you have multiple devices at home and you want a power station that lasts long on a single charge, the Westinghouse iGen300s is definitely the device for you. 

It’s perfect for tech junkies or those who have to work during hiking or beach trips. 


  • The device has multiple ports. The iGen300s has a total of 9 ports in the unit. It can power up to 14 smartphone charges and about 3 hours of television. In fact, it can even power a garage door opener!
  • Lightweight and compact. The device only weighs about 6.35 lbs (2.88 kg), making it easy to carry even for children and the elderly. It also has a slim design and can easily fit into your trunk or even a travel bag.
  • Long-lasting charge and sustainable. Westinghouse also claims that the device is environmentally friendly. It doesn’t emit any fumes, and it doesn’t spew dust for the owner to clean. It’s also very quiet and provides a charge lasting up to 296 watt-hours. 


  • Takes a while to recharge. Unfortunately, this device tends to take a while to recharge, which can be a headache. 
  • Inconsistent charging. Many users complain the iGen300s cannot charge certain devices. 
  • Not durable. While the charge itself is long-lasting, the device may not be. Many complain that you need to replace the product already after just one year. 

Best for the Environment: Anker PowerHouse 767

Best for the Environment: Anker PowerHouse 767
Anker PowerHouse 767 with 5-200W Solar Panels available on Amazon.

For those who want both efficient charging and minimal strain on the environment, the Anker PowerHouse 767 is for you. It reduces energy loss by up to 60% while having a charging efficiency rate of up to 96%. 

Combine with five 5×200W Solar Panels for 1000 max solar output.


  • Long-lasting. Anker uses the InfiniPower technology to make this unit last 10 years. They even are confident enough to give their customers a 5-year full warranty as a testament to the product’s durability. 
  • Has 10 ports. You surely won’t need to devote set charging times to certain devices for this one. The recharging time is also amazing, reaching 80% in only 1.4 hours via the HyperFlash technology. 
  • Safeguards power. The device saves electricity through an efficient power-saving mode. It also has smart AC outlets, so the flow of electricity to connected devices is controlled. 


  • Fluctuating power. The power has a tendency to go down to 40% in just a few hours. While the fast recharge is impressive, this may be at the cost of a fast battery consumption rate.
  • Faulty wiring. Some also have issues with the wiring. Anker is quite notorious for having circuitry issues that make some of their devices barely usable. 
  • Large and heavy. It may not be as portable as other devices and has a pretty hefty weight of 67.3 lbs (30.5 kg), but we can easily wheel it around. 

Key Takeaways

A good portable power station must be able to charge devices quickly and you want it compact, light, and durable.

Your portable power station needs to be fast charging by wall outlet or solar and power. It should also counter surges and emit very little noise. 

These are our picks for the best portable power stations. What do you think? Is there a product that catches your eye?

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