Electric Car Chargers Level 1, 2, & DC Fast

The great thing about electric vehicles is that they use green technologies, requiring only electric current to work. The process of charging them can be just as easy as filling up a regular car with gas. However, you need to be aware of the best models and prices of electric vehicle chargers so that you can buy one that meets your needs.

The best electric car charger is the Grizzl-E Level 2 EV Charger. This is a lightweight, weatherproof charger that is relatively cheap. It doesn’t take much effort to install, and it is easy to use. Moreover, the Grizzl-E is not a smart charger, which is a plus for those who prefer simplicity.

If you want to know more, the rest of this article will explain everything you need to know about the best EV chargers and the pros and cons of each choice.

Best Overall: Grizzl-E Level 2 EV Charger 

Grizzl-E Level 2 EV Chargers
Grizzl-E Level 2 EV Chargers

The Grizzl-E Level 2 charger is one of the best electric vehicle home chargers on the market because it’s fast, easy to use, and has reasonable cost. This charger is rated up to 40 A, but it includes an adjustable amperage that allows you to charge at 16, 24, and 32 A if it’s more convenient for you.


  • This charger is lightweight and waterproof. It has an IP67 weatherproof rating, and every part is well-protected to ensure functionality and safety in all kinds of weather.
  • It’s very easy to install and use this charger at home. It comes with an SAE J1772 charging plug, so you can use it with most electric cars.
  • The Grizzl-E Level 2 charger is inexpensive. This charger costs much less than comparable home chargers.


  • This charger does not include smart features, so it doesn’t come with a WiFi connection or an app where you can monitor your charging data. While some users may appreciate the simplicity of this charger, others may require additional features that this charger does not offer.
  • Some users report that the charger does not work properly. According to some customers, the charger stops working or starts showing issues after a few weeks or months.
  • The power cord is too stiff. Some customers report that the power cord is short and can be too stiff, making it physically difficult for you to handle and use. 

Best Level 1: Lectron NEMA 5-15 Level 1 EV Charger

Lectron NEMA 5 15 Level 1 EV Charger with extension cord
Lectron NEMA 5 15 Level 1 EV Charger with an extension cord.

With the Lectron NEMA 5-15, you are able to charge your car easily at home; all you need is a NEMA 5-15 outlet. This Level 1 charger is simple but effective and overall very healthy for your car’s battery. The Lectron NEMA 5-15 Level 1 EV charger is a great option for people who are on a budget and are looking for a reliable charger to use in their homes.


  • This is the cheapest charger on this list. Level 1 chargers are generally cheaper than the other alternatives because of the disadvantages that we will discuss later in this article.
  • You can install this charger by yourself. The Lectron Level 1 EV charger is a lightweight charger that only requires a power outlet in your home, so you don’t need a specialist to help you to set it up.
  • You can take this charger with you wherever you go. This charger comes with a handy carrying case, allowing you to neatly pack the charger and carry it with you when need be.


  • This is the slowest charger on this list. This is understandable since Level 1 chargers are known to be very slow and take more than half a day to charge your car. 
  • The customer support is poor. Some users maintain that customer support takes a long time to answer questions or offer help with different issues.
  • Some users report that the charger is unreliable. According to these users, the charger starts working for a while and then stops. Unplugging and plugging it back again does not work since some cars seem to reject this charger.

Best Low-Cost Level 2: Lectron 32 NEMA 14-50 Level 2 EV Charger

Lectron 32 NEMA 14 50 Level 2 EV Charger
Lectron 32 NEMA 14 50 Level 2 EV Charger

The Lectron 32 NEMA 14-50 Level 2 EV Charger represents the best Level 2 charger and probably the best bang for your buck on this list. This charger offers reliable charging at a very reasonable price, especially compared to similar chargers on the market. What’s more, the  Lectron 32 is incredibly easy to install and use.


  • This 32 A EV charger is inexpensive, but you can also buy an even cheaper version that runs at half the amperage. There’s a wide range of affordable options for Level 2 chargers.
  • The charger includes an LCD display that shows basic information like charge time, voltage, and amperage. This way, you can track your energy use without needing an app.
  • This charger comes with a very long cord. A lot of users seem to appreciate the long cord that allows them to charge their cars no matter where the outlet is.


  • The cable is not very reliable. Some users report issues with the charger after months of use, claiming that the cable was the issue.
  • Customer service is inadequate. A lot of users claim that customer service took a long time to answer basic questions about the device.
  • This is not a smart charger. It doesn’t use WiFi and doesn’t allow you to monitor the efficiency of your charger or other data that could be useful to you.

Best DC Fast: JuiceBox 40 Smart Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station with WiFi

JuiceBox 40 Smart Electric Vehicle EV Charging Station with WiFi
JuiceBox 40 Smart Electric Vehicle EV Charging Station with WiFi

If you’re looking for a smart, high-end charger at a reasonable price, you can’t go wrong with the JuiceBox 40 Smart Electric Vehicle Charging Station. This charger allows you to adjust amperage, offering an output capability from 6 A to 40 A. If you want a higher output, you can find a slightly more expensive option that allows an amperage of 48 A. 


  • This is a smart EV charger that is connected to WiFi and allows you to control it remotely and monitor all types of data. You can access a very informative vehicle database that can inform you about the energy use and efficiency of your car.
  • You can charge your car up to seven times faster using the JuiceBox 40 charger. This 40 A, 240 V charger can offer fast and efficient charging.
  • It’s relatively easy to install. All you need is a NEMA 14-50R outlet in your home, and you can simply plug in the charger.


  • This option can be too costly. If you’re on a budget, you can easily go with one of the previous options, especially if you don’t need the smart features.
  • The customer support is poor. Some users report that customer support is unhelpful or sometimes even untruthful about return policies.
  • The app is not consistent. A few customers have claimed that the app becomes useless after certain updates, not showing any data.

Key Takeaways

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There are a lot of EV chargers out there, but you need to make sure that you choose one that meets your needs. You need to understand what you’re looking for and establish a budget before making a purchase. 

If you’re looking for a Level 1 charger, you can’t go wrong with Lectron NEMA 5-15. If you want a Level 2 charger, you have a few different options based on your budget. The Grizzl-E EV charger is the best overall, but you can also go for the Lectron 32 NEMA 14-50 if you’re on a budget.

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