Cool Electric Vehicle Accessories From Amazon

Many electric vehicles (EVs) have tons of built-in features that make driving an absolute pleasure. But adding a few practical “Cool” accessories from Amazon could make your driving experience even better.

The best and most practical electric vehicle accessory available from Amazon is the ChargePoint Home Flex EV Charger. This energy-efficient level 2 charger is compatible with all electric vehicles and can help you avoid long wait lines at local EV charging stations.

This article explores Amazon’s best electric vehicle accessories, helping you select accessories that suit your EV and lifestyle.

Best Practical Accessory: ChargePoint Home Flex EV Charger

Best Practical Accessory: ChargePoint Home Flex EV Charger
ChargePoint Home Flex Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger, with NEMA 14-50 Plug. NEMA 6-50 Plug also available. Check pricing at Amazon.

While driving an electric vehicle can eliminate your weekly trip to the gas station to fill your car’s gas tank, you’ll still need to refuel from time to time.

Electric vehicle charging stations can be limited, and the lines for these stations can have you waiting hours to recharge your car. After all, it can take up to an hour to charge an EV at a Direct Current Fast Charging (DCFC) station!

For that reason, investing in a home charging station is an essential idea. One of the best and most universally compatible at-home options is the Amazon #1 Best seller, the ChargePoint Home Flex EV Charger. 

This device connects directly to your garage wall and features a 23-foot-long (7 meters) cable to help you reach your vehicle’s charge port, even while it’s parked in the driveway. It’s a practical accessory that can make charging your EV incredibly convenient and keeps you out of frustratingly long charging station queues.

We also go more in depth on additional Electric Car Chargers Level 1, 2, & DC Fast in this article if you are interested in more information.


  • Compatibility: This electric car charger is compatible with all electric vehicle makes and models, even Tesla’s. Few at-home EV chargers are as universally compatible as this one. 
  • App integration: After installing the charger, you can control its functions and adjust its setting remotely by downloading the ChargePoint app to your tablet or smartphone. This app also helps you monitor the charger’s electricity usage and estimate monthly charging costs based on local utility rates.
  • Easy installation: Although you can hire an electrician to install this charger, you can also opt to simply place the charger on a wall and plug it into a 240V outlet.
  • Variable amperage: Users can adjust the amperage output of the charger remotely from the ChargePoint app. This ability to adjust amperage can reduce the electricity your household uses to charge your vehicle, making charging your EV more affordable.


  • Lackluster customer support: Several people who’ve purchased the charger have reported that ChargePoint’s customer support is disappointing and unhelpful. If you receive a defective charging unit, it could take weeks for the company to send you a replacement.
  • Level 1 charging: Some buyers have reported that this charger only functioned at 16 amps, essentially making it a high-priced level one charger.
  • App issues: Although the app integration is convenient, some users have had to uninstall and reinstall the app due to technical problems.

Best Dash Camera for EVs: Rove R2 – 4K Dash Cam

Best Dash Camera for EVs Rove R2 - 4K Dash Cam
Best Dash Camera for EVs Rove R2 – 4K Dash Cam. Check pricing on Amazon

If you own a Tesla, you don’t need to install a separate dashboard camera, as these electric vehicles already feature built-in dashcam. But if you drive a Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Bolt EV, Ford Mustang Mach-E, or any other electric vehicle, you might want to add a dashcam.

There are quite a few reasons to install a dashcam in your EV. For example, dashcam footage can become a valuable resource in a traffic court, help you expedite automotive insurance claims, and act as a supplementary security device. 

One of the highest-quality EV-friendly dashcam is the Rove R2. This dashcam comes with a high-quality suction cup mount for quick and easy installation, a touchscreen control interface, and a wealth of desirable features, including the ability to display a vehicle’s current speed.


  • Voice alerts: If someone hits your vehicle while parked, the camera will automatically activate and use its built-in speaker to alert you of the incident as soon as you enter your car.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity: Users can download video footage directly to their phone thanks to the dashcam’s Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Motion detection: This dashcam has a motion detection feature that, when triggered, allows the camera to record footage of potential car thieves, assisting law enforcement in the event of a burglary and providing an extra layer of protection.


  • Memory card not included: Buyers must purchase a memory card (for video storage) for the dashcam separately.
  • 4K compatibility problems: Some of the compatible memory cards aren’t capable of recording video footage in 4K, resulting in comparatively low-quality footage that can be disappointing to some users.

Best Tesla Dashboard Accessory: Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Tesla Model 3 / Y Dashboard Touchscreen

Best Tesla Dashboard Accessory: Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Tesla Model 3 / Y Dashboard Touchscreen
Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Tesla Model 3 / Y Dashboard Touchscreen. Check pricing at Amazon

Tesla vehicles dominated the best-selling EV rankings in 2022, making them some of the most (if not the most) popular electric vehicles in the world. But Tesla car accessories are limited, and items produced by Tesla can be quite expensive.

Fortunately, many companies have stepped up to fill the gaps in the official Tesla accessory inventory, producing high-quality Tesla-specific accessories that satisfy virtually every need. One of these accessories is the Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector.

This durable screen protector is compatible with Tesla 3 and Tesla Y vehicles and covers the Tesla dashboard touchscreen. Because this touchscreen is so integral to a Tesla’s operation, keeping it in excellent condition is a must—and this screen protector does just that!


  • No fingerprints: This screen protector has a matte-like finish that reduces the visibility of fingerprints on the screen, making the dashboard display easier to read and more visually appealing.
  • Minimal glare: The glass used in this screen protector features an anti-glare (AG) coating, so it produces minimal glare when exposed to natural and artificial light sources (sunlight and streetlamps), allowing drivers to see the dashboard display easily, no matter the time of day.
  • Easy to install: Placing this screen protector precisely is a breeze thanks to the included installation tray and guide booklet.
  • Durable: Unlike plastic or standard glass screen protectors, which can crack or shatter with minimal impact, this highly durable tempered glass has a hardness rating of 9h. Only the strongest and most intense impacts can cause damage.


  • Challenging to remove: After applying the screen protector to your Tesla dashboard touchscreen, you might struggle to remove it thanks to the strong adhesive. This can be problematic if the screen protector cracks and needs to be replaced.
  • Adhesive bubbles: Some buyers found that the adhesive on the back of the screen protector contained small bubbles. These visible air pockets in the adhesive remained even after applying the protector to their dashboard touchscreen.

Best EV Cleaning Tool: VacLife Handheld Car Vacuum

Best EV Cleaning Tool VacLife Handheld Car Vacuum
Best EV Cleaning Tool: VacLife Handheld Car Vacuum. Check pricing on Amazon

Not only is a clean car more pleasurable to drive, but well-maintained vehicle interiors can be more enticing to buyers. Even if you don’t plan to sell your EV soon, taking excellent care of its interior can help you get a much better price for it later on down the road.

Although this handheld vacuum isn’t quite as hi-tech as automated Wi-Fi-enabled vacuums (like the impressive Eufy RoboVac), it’s a top-notch tool for keeping the interior of your EV spotless and comfortably clean.


  • Cordless: There’s no need to have this vacuum cleaner plugged into an outlet to clean your car, making it an ideal addition to any trunk car cleaning kit.
  • LED light: This vacuum’s built-in LED light helps you see exactly what you’re vacuuming, which is useful when vacuuming beneath car seats or in dark, hard-to-reach places.
  • Multiple accessories: Comes with a variety of included accessories, including a crevice tool, cleaning brush, and dusting brush, allowing you to clean virtually every interior car surface.


  • Poor suction: As the vacuum cleaner loses power, its suction significantly decreases. Additionally, users might clean the washable filter to ensure suction levels remain consistently high.
  • Clogs: Because of its comparatively small suction tube, this vacuum cleaner can clog if used to vacuum large food particles or debris.

Most Durable and Best Priced EV Wall-Mount Charger Holder: MAX GREEN J1772 EV Holster and Cable Hanger

Most Durable and Best Priced EV Wall-Mount Charger Holder: MAX GREEN J1772 EV Holster and Cable Hanger
The MAX GREEN J1772 EV Holster and Cable Hanger. Check price on Amazon.

If you want to keep your EV Charger and cable organized, you need a dock and hook combination to mount on your wall. The MAX GREEN J1772 EV Holster and Cable Hanger not only has one of the most reasonable prices but it is a great accessory to keep things clean and organized.

This EV Wall-Mount charger holder will keep your space in order and protect your charger from damage.


  • Simple to install and use: The package comes with 1X J1772 Dock, J-Hook, and 8X Screws.Just screw it to the wall and it is ready to go. One mounted, insert and click the EV charging nozzle into place. Up to 25 feet of cables can be easily hung on the deep J hook.
  • Heavy duty and strong–This EV Wall-Mount Charger Holder is built with a Heavy duty combination of steel and plastic material that can hold your EV Charger with ease.
  • FIT ALL J1772 plug – Works perfectly to mount a standard J1772 type connector, and cable indoors or outdoors!


  • Movement can affect mounting: The holster creates motion & pressure for the fittings. It can sometimes affect where and how it is mounted.
  • May need to upgrade screws and anchors: Depending on the weight of your charging cable, you may have to upgrade to stronger screws and anchors for wall mounting because the screws are not robust enough and too small with the provided plastic anchors.

Key Takeaways

Amazon sells thousands of car accessories, from smartphone holders to high-quality dashboard cameras. Because this massive retailer’s inventory is so expansive, selecting the best electric vehicle accessories can be challenging.

Still, at-home chargers, safety gadgets, and cleaning tools are often some of the best and most practical EV accessories. 

From Tesla-compatible dashboard screen protectors to cordless car-friendly vacuum cleaners, there are plenty of worthwhile EV-friendly accessories to explore. Which will you choose?


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