Finding The Best Phone Grip Style For You

Finding the Best Phone Grip Style for You

In recent years, smartphones have been getting larger and wider. This trend can help you read texts, emails, and articles easier thanks to the larger screens. However, the larger phones may not be as helpful for your hands.

The wider smartphones cause your hands to stretch more when you’re holding it. This can cause some people to experience pain or discomfort, particularly if they use one hand to hold their phone.

Some smartphone users who use their pinky finger to stabilize their phone, have reported pain in their finger and have noticed a dent from repeated use. Additionally, if you text with your thumb, it may need to stretch farther than with your past phones, causing discomfort.

Another downside to larger phones is that it’s easier to accidentally drop your smartphone, especially if you prefer to use your phone with only one hand. Some users also are finding it harder to hold their phone steady when taking pictures.

One strategy to help relieve any strain to your hand and to minimize phone drops is to use a phone grip.

What Is a Phone Grip?

Phone grips are devices you attach to the back of your smartphone to allow you to hold your phone comfortably with one hand. 

When using a phone grip, the phone will rest more comfortably and securely in your hand. You won’t need to use your pinky finger to support your phone, and for most people, the phone grips make it easier to text with their thumb. Additionally, it’s easier to use your phone with one hand.

You’ll have more stability when taking pictures and be less likely to drop your phone when using a phone grip. This feature is especially important given that many newer phones can feel more slippery and slick, which can make them easier to drop accidentally.

Phone grips can make your phone more accessible when exercising since you won’t have to reach into a waist pouch or an armband to change a song or access your exercising app.

What Types of Phone Grips Are Available?

There are a variety of phone grips available on the market today from round PopSocket discs to ring and strap style grips. Fortunately, due to the variety of styles, everyone can find a phone grip that fits their needs best.

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Round PopSocket-Style Cell Phone Grips

You’ve likely seen the distinctive PopSocket grip on someone’s phone or in stores. These grips are round and attach to the back of phones with a strong adhesive. 

Typically, the device will sit between your first two fingers. If you’re holding your phone vertically, many people rest the base of the PopSocket in between their two fingers. If you’re holding your phone horizontally, it may be more comfortable to hold the device about midway down your two fingers instead of where your fingers meet. Some people use different holds depending on how they are using their phone. If you decide on this style, you may want to try different holding techniques.

Some users like to use two PopSockets on their phones, which can make it easier to use the device as a kickstand. When using two PopSockets, you also can use different types of grips and use the PopSockets as a cord wrap. 

There have been many advances since the original PopSocket. Now you can buy PopSockets that make it easy to swap the top of the PopSocket if you enjoy having different looks. There is also a PopWallet style that allows you to carry cards like your ID card in the wallet sleeve that is attached to your phone. 

The company also sells car mounts specifically designed for PopSockets. However, not all PopSocket styles are compatible, so be sure to double-check if this feature is important to you.

But PopSocket grips are not for everyone. Some people find it uncomfortable to hold the device between two fingers. Additionally, some users report the PopTop popping off unexpectedly on occasion. Lastly, even though the device collapses down, some people find it gets stuck in their pocket or clothing when slipping it in and out of their pocket.

Metal Ring-Style Cell Phone Grips

If you prefer to be able to hold your phone with one finger, you could consider a metal ring-style grip. There are multiple models and brands available on the market.

Typically, users slip one finger through the ring to hold their phone, which can add stability and make them less likely to drop their phone. The rings can also help you hold your phone steady when taking pictures. Many metal ring grips also double as a kickstand and can work at a variety of angles, including landscape and portrait. 

While metal ring-style grips do fold flat, some styles that are thicker or bulkier may not fold as flat as you’d like. For instance, your phone may wobble if laid down on a flat surface if you have a metal ring that has a protruding center post. Fortunately, there are metal ring models on the market that lay flat and don’t cause your phone to wobble if set down on a flat surface.

The metal rings are often compatible with magnetic car mounts. However, the metal might prevent you from being able to charge your phone wirelessly. If you use a wireless charger, be sure to investigate that the metal ring won’t interfere.    

Finger or Hand Loop Cell Phone Grips

Another phone grip option is to select a loop style grip. These are typically made of either flexible plastic or type of stretchy fabric. These can feel more comfortable than metal for some people. Like a metal ring, a loop-style can make it easy to hold your phone securely while also grabbing other items like keys and a water bottle. 

Some loop-style grips can also double as a kickstand, but some are too flimsy to help prop your phone.

Many loop-style models attach to the back of your phone with an adhesive. However, there are some brands, such as LoopyCases, where the loop is directly connected to the case. This style option can be more expensive since you are buying a case for your phone, but it does eliminate any concern of an adhesive wearing off.

When looking at loop-style grips, you’ll find options for finger loops and hand loops. Both can work well. However, some hand loop options might add too much bulk for people who primarily place their phones in their pockets. 

Which Smartphone Grip Is Right For You?

With so many different types of phone grips available, it can be hard to know which is the best style for you. Understanding how you typically use your phone can help. Here are some points to consider when deciding on a phone grip style.

1. Do you often put your phone in your pants pocket?

If so, you’ll want to find a grip that fits comfortably in your pocket and doesn’t add bulk. Additionally, you’ll want a style that won’t snag or get stuck on your pants or other clothing when you pull it out of your pocket as that can lead to accidentally dropping your phone.

2. Do you want a grip that removes easily?

Some phone grip users may not like having a grip on all the time. Additionally, there may be times when you want to reposition the grip depending on how you are using your phone. In this case, you’ll want to look for a style that removes easily yet attaches securely to your phone when it’s in use.

3. Do you need it to be compatible with a car mount?

If you regularly use a car mount, you may want to look for a phone grip that works seamlessly with your current car mount. Alternatively, some phone grips come with a car mount specifically designed to work with their grip, if you are open to buying a car mount as well.

4. Do you need the grip to double as a kickstand?

Many phone grips work well as a kickstand, but some do not. Additionally, some grips may only work as a kickstand when the phone is horizontal.

5. Do you want a grip that makes it easy to hold your phone plus other items in one hand?

If you like the idea of being able to quickly grab your phone, keys, and water bottle from your table as you run out the door, a ring or loop grip may work best for you. Additionally, these types of grips can make it easy to hold your phone while exercising.

6. Do you use a wireless charger?

Some phone grips interfere with wireless chargers. Fortunately, brands typically indicate whether their phone grip works well with wireless chargers or not.

Making It Easier to Hold Your Smartphone in One Hand

Using your smartphone with one hand has become more challenging with the increasing size of newer phone models. Fortunately, phone grips can make it easier to keep your phone steady for pictures, relieve the strain on your hand, and help prevent accidental drops of your smartphone. With so many different phone grip styles available, it’s easy to find a phone grip that works with your needs and lifestyle.

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