Bluetti AC500 & B300S Solar Generator Kit: Is It Worth The Price?

Color photo of 2 Split Phase Bluetti AC500, 4-B300S-10,000W, 12288Wh Power Kit on a white background.

The risk of power outage is ever-present, with natural hazards, severe weather, cyber-terrorism, human error, and even war having the potential to disrupt the power grid. In such scenarios, having a solar generator kit as a power backup option can be a lifesaver. The Bluetti AC500 & B300S is gaining traction as a popular option; however, does it live up to its price tag?

Is it worth the price for the Bluetti AC500 & B300S solar generator kit? This Bluetti Solar Generator Kit is a stellar choice, offering a strong 5000W output, compatibility for up to six (6) additional expansion batteries, and versatility for domestic and commercial use. This system is extremely expandable.

Overall Rating95/100
Ease of Use90/100
Bluetti AC500 & B300S Solar Generator Kit Ratings

Pros of the Bluetti AC500& B300S

Color photo of a Bluetti AC500 & B300S Solar Generator Kit on a white background.
Bluetti AC500 & B300S Solar Generator Kit available on

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  • Fast Charging: This solar generator charges rapidly using the manufacturer-recommended Bluetti PV 420 solar panels. On a sunny day, an hour’s solar charge on three PV 420 solar panels refuels the solar kit by 30%. When plugged into an AC outlet, this kit reaches a full charge in just one hour.
  • Scalability: Given that emergencies are unpredictable, it’s prudent to have a solar generator kit that can store adequate power to last several days. The Bluetti AC500 can accommodate up to six B300S batteries, creating a total capacity of 18,432Wh. This is a substantial amount of power suitable for both domestic and light commercial applications, such as healthcare facilities.
  • High Power Output: The Bluetti AC500 is equipped with a potent 5000W pure sine wave inverter that generates ample current to power multiple devices simultaneously. With this solar generator, you can operate your fridge, freezer, cooker, TV, and space heater all at once without worrying about surges.
  • Ease of Use: Anyone can assemble and operate this solar kit by following simple instructions provided in the manual. The Bluetti AC500 & B300S is easy to set up and use. Its plug-and-play setup entails just a single sheathed cord running from the batteries to the power station, minimizing the chances of incorrect connections and accidents.
  • UPS Backup Functionality: The Bluetti AC500 & B300S solar generator kit can connect to the grid to serve as a UPS home backup for your entire residence during a blackout. This feature is enabled by the high-capacity battery and robust inverter housed within this solar generator kit.
  • Versatile Output Options: The Bluetti AC500 & B300S comes with 16 versatile output ports. Besides the standard USB charging ports, this solar generator kit also incorporates NEMA 14-50R, TT-30, and L14-30 ports, which are suitable for more heavy-duty applications.

 Cons of the Bluetti AC500& B300S

  • High Acquisition Cost: The total base power generator kit, which is a combination of the AC500 powerhouse and six B300S batteries, is priced at $19,493. On the other hand, an individual PV 420 solar system costs $899. However, there’s an option to reduce the number of batteries to acquire a package that better suits your budget.
  • Cumbersome Cabling of the P150D: The P150D cables, which connect the power station to the battery, are large and heavy. They occupy a considerable amount of space to the right of the solar generator. If you have several batteries to connect to the generator, then the system will consume a a larger amount of space.

Who Should Buy This?

Color photo of a Bluetti 420 Watt Solar Panel PV420 on a white background.
Bluetti 420 Watt Solar Panel PV420 available on

The Bluetti AC500 & B300S solar generator kit is indispensable for individuals living in regions prone to power outages, typically caused by hurricanes, storms, and floods that disrupt the power grid.

The power capacity of this solar generator kit is substantial, ensuring a comfortable passage through the outage, with the actual duration dependent on the number of solar batteries connected.

This kit is the perfect companion for those living in areas beyond the reach of the grid. It also caters to the needs of campers and hiking enthusiasts. When venturing into the wild, having a reliable power source can indeed enhance the experience.

This power generator, with its portable and compact design, can easily be brought along in your RV, making it a convenient choice.

Additionally, homeowners seeking cleaner, more cost-effective energy solutions, despite having access to stable electrical grid systems, will find this solar generator beneficial. The appeal of reducing energy expenses is universal. Amid escalating concerns regarding climate change and its impact, the shift towards cleaner renewable energy is gaining momentum.

This solar generator kit is effective enough to power an entire home, presenting itself as a viable primary power source since it can be connected to the grid. Its capability to significantly cut down energy costs while promoting eco-friendly energy usage makes it a worthy investment for a broad spectrum of users.

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Why the Bluetti AC500& B300S Is Worth It

Enhanced Safety

5000 Watts of power can pose a danger if accidentally channeled to the wrong place. Electrocution and short circuits from currents of such magnitude can be fatal and destructive.

Bluetti has taken this into consideration and incorporated several safety features, including surge protection, charge control, and outlet blind covers. With these blind covers in place, there is no need to worry about children inserting objects into the sockets, which carries the risk of fatal shocks.

3-Year Bluetti Warranty

The solar generator comes with a 3-year warranty with cash-back terms. Buyers also enjoy friendly local and online customer service.

Sleek Modular Design

This solar generator features a stand-alone power station and battery pack, both of which are almost the same size. They sport a sleek, compact design that makes it easy to transport them from one point to another.

Since the batteries and power generator stack on top of one another, they occupy less space. You can comfortably assemble your power station beside a cabinet or wall.

Remote Control

The solar generator is equipped with an in-built smart app control function with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing for easy control of the power generator from the comfort of your seat or home.

Long-lasting LiFePO4 Battery

This battery is safe and reliable, having been tested and proven to deliver more than 3,500 charge cycles.

Wireless Charging

The Bluetti AC500 power generator comes with two 15-watt Max charging ports. This advanced charging technology further enhances the convenience benefits of this solar generator.

30% Federal Tax Credit

Buyers can receive 30% tax rebates on the purchase of the Bluetti systems with the residential clean energy credit available through this link, which makes this exceptional solar generator more affordable.

Simultaneous Recharge and Discharge

The 5000W inverter-converter system in this solar generator supports simultaneous charging and discharge, ensuring a seamless power supply. There’s no need to pause operations to recharge your power generator.

Quick Response Temperature Regulation System

This solar generator is equipped with a highly responsive internal temperature regulation system that ensures the batteries remain warm for cold temperature operations. This quick-response heating mechanism ensures that the solar generator can operate in temperatures as low as -4 degrees without freezing.

The same mechanism also adequately cools the batteries when temperatures rise, allowing the solar generator to operate in temperatures as high as 104 degrees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Color photo of 2 Bluetti AC500, 4-B300S-10,000W, 12288Wh Power Kit on a white background.
2-Bluetti AC500 Power Station’s, 4-B300S Expansion Batteries Power Kit with a capability of 10,000 Watts, 12,288Wh available on

What devices can be charged on the Bluetti AC500?

This solar generator kit can power any device with a running wattage below 5000W. You can charge household appliances, electronics, and light-duty commercial devices such as power drills.

The main consideration should be that the total wattage of connected devices should not exceed 5000W at any time. To calculate the total wattage of the devices you are running, simply sum up the power rating of all the devices in use at that moment.

How long will the AC500 & B300S power my device?

If you are familiar with the operating power of your device, then calculating the length of time this power generator will power it is relatively straightforward. Use this formula: Working time = (3072 Wh * 0.85) / the operating power of your device.

The factor 0.85 is the standard power conversion efficiency of most electrical devices. If you are using more than one B300S battery, then multiply 3072 by the number of batteries you are using.

Can I use any kind of a solar panel with my AC500 & B300S solar generator?

No, this solar generator should only be used with Bluetti PV 420 solar panels. The manufacturer recommends using three of these solar panels, which individually produce about 420 Watts of power in perfect weather conditions when the panel attains efficiencies above 95%.

What charging options are available with the Bluetti AC500 & B300S?

This solar generator kit can be charged in six different ways: AC, solar, car, generator, lead-acid battery, Dual AC, or AC + Solar. With these options, you are unlikely to run out of power.

Key Takeaways

The Bluetti AC500 & B300S is a powerful, reliable, and versatile solar generator. This generator guarantees peace of mind, as it can connect to the grid for a seamless energy supply.

The power generator is ideal for homes, small businesses, offices, shops, clinics, and farmhouses. This is the solar generator you should consider getting today. 

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