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About emergency preparedness technology

Tech Evaluate is all about the latest technology on subjects like emergency preparedness, power grid energy, green technology and electronics. We try new devices and analyze their quality, durability, effects, and benefits to human society.

Emergency Preparedness Gears

We have spent hundreds of hours researching and testing the best emergency preparedness gear we can find on the market. We do the research and the math on these tools and products, so when we use it or recommend something; it is going to work. We are also looking for the best things to use that are dependable and to protect our families or just using them while we are camping or hunting. These items are not necessarily all the highest cost items. Our goal on this page is to recommend gear that is priced really well while still maintaining a high-quality standard. This is the stuff we use and buy.


Should We Expect a G5 Geomagnetic Storm in the Future?

Recent advances in coronagraph data have shed new light on coronal mass ejections (CMEs) and Geomagnetic storms, revealing fascinating acceleration patterns as they journey from the sun to the Earth. These breakthroughs have linked CMEs closely with solar flares and the resulting geomagnetic storms, uncovering an intricate dance of cosmic events. As scientists delve deeper […]

Book Summary: Prepare Your Home for A Sudden Grid-Down Situation

When you walk into a library, you will mostly encounter hundreds of books that could be addressing a single subject. In such situations, choosing the most suitable book, especially one that can provide reliable information on emergency preparedness for a sudden power grid-down situation, becomes a challenge.  Our book summary highlights how Prepare Your Home […]

Book Summary Of The ACEP First Aid Manual 5th Edition: The Step-by-Step Guide for Everyone

Handling medical emergencies at home has saved countless lives. First aid is a basic part of the curriculum in nearly all schools worldwide. Yet, the widespread teaching of the subject does not guarantee that all guidelines for managing certain medical conditions are effective. This is the reason this First Aid Manual is regularly updated, with […]

How Much Will It Cost You to Get a Solar Generator?

Frustrated by frequent power outages disrupting daily life, many Americans are turning to self-sufficient energy solutions. Among these, solar generators have emerged as a popular choice, leading to a significant shift in their market dynamics. But how much will it cost you to get a solar generator?  It will cost you $600 to $48,000 for […]


We are a website that writes helpful articles about the latest technology for emergency preparedness and power grid energy. We try new devices and analyze their quality, durability, effects, for emergency preparedness.


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