5 Best Emergency Solar, Battery, Hand Crank Weather Radios

Color photo of a light blue Zpincsipo 10000mAh Emergency Weather Radio on a white background.
Model nameCost ($) Battery Size Radio ReceptionSize WeightPower Sources
Leaton 10000mAh Crank Radio$39.9910000mAhAM/FM/NOAA6.2 “L x 2.5″W x 3.9″H 1.32 lbsSolar, hand crank, USB type C fast charge
Kamapulo 10000mAh Emergency Radio$32.9910000mAhAM/FM/NOAA6.5″L x 2.28″W x 3.5″H0.96 lbsHand crank, solar, type C fast charge
Leaton XSY340-10000mAh Emergency NOAA Weather Alert Radio & Solar Charging Power Bank. $42.9910000mAhAM/FM/NOAA6.2L x 2.2W x 3H1.59 lbsHand crank, solar, rechargeable battery, and type-C fast charging
DaringSnail 6000mAh Emergency Crank Radio$39.996000mAhAM/FM/NOAA6.3″L x 3.2″W x 2.5″H0.8 lbsMicro USB charge, solar charge, hand crank, rechargeable battery 
Givoust 8000mAh Emergency Hand Crank Radio$39.998000mAhAM/FM /NOAA6.88″L x 3.13″W x 3.84″H1 lbMicro USB charge, solar power, hand crank
5 Best Emergency Solar, Battery, Hand Crank Weather Radios Cost Table.

Emergencies, such as power outages and severe weather, come with their share of challenges. Communication is one of these challenges, which is why emergency agencies, including FEMA, CDC, and CERT, advocate for each family to have well-stocked disaster preparedness kits or emergency go bags. 

An emergency communication radio is an essential component of any well-stocked disaster preparedness kit. These pieces of technology play several crucial roles, mainly facilitating radio communication. AM, FM, and NOAA updates help keep your family updated with the latest developments during emergencies. 

The best emergency communication radios are powerful, reliable, versatile, durable, and affordable. With thousands of brands, selecting an emergency radio you can count on can be daunting. However, we have conducted extensive research on emergency radios and have come up with the 5 best options. Some of the considerations we made include price, features, durability, light quality, and compactness. Our 5 best picks are listed below:

This communication often means the difference between staying safe and getting into trouble during an emergency. 

Leaton 10000mAh Solar & Crank Emergency Radio

Color photo of a dark green Leaton 10000mAh Solar & Crank Emergency Radio on a white background.
Dark Green Leaton 10000mAh Solar & Crank Emergency Radio available on Amazon. Check pricing.

This emergency radio is similar to the two radios mentioned above; however, it offers unique functionality that makes it worth considering. 

We tested the hand crank mechanism and found it to be highly effective. A 1-minute crank spin at 2 or 3 turns per second provides the following: 

  • 6-10 minutes of radio runtime
  • 30 minutes of flashlight usage

This highly efficient crank makes this radio suitable for severe weather emergencies, such as hurricanes, where the power grid is knocked out and solar power is unavailable. 

The radio is equipped with a 10,000mAh lithium polymer battery and a special backup system to preserve some charge for the emergency radio. This backup, combined with the hand crank system, ensures you won’t miss important updates even if the emergency lasts several days. 

The battery provides the following: 

  • Up to 28 hours of full beam lighting.
  • 36 hours of a dipped light flashlight.
  • 90 hours of radio usage. 
  • Up to 48 hours of phone and tablet charging. 

We also noted that the SOS alarm on this radio is incredibly loud, which is advantageous when seeking help. The loud siren can attract attention over a wider area. 

Additionally, the radio features a compass to assist you in navigating with greater ease.

Other notable features include:

  • A 3-band (AM/FM/NOAA) easy-to-operate radio receiver. This radio operates using 3 knobs and provides reliable AM reception, even when the antenna is switched off. 
  • IPX3 waterproofing, protecting against water sprays at a 60-degree angle. 
  • 3 LED torch modes (far beam, low beam, and mixed beam). 
  • 1W reading lamp with 48 lamp beads.
  • Type-C USB output port.
  • Electric quantity display. 
  • Type-C cable included. 
  • Solar and USB charging power options.

Finally, this emergency radio includes a compass system for extreme weather navigation. You can rest assured that precipitation will not damage your radio, as it comes with IPX4 waterproofing to withstand moderate water splashes. All interfaces are covered with rubber to protect them from water splashes. 

Other notable features of the Zpincsipo 10000mAh Emergency Weather Radio include:

  • Ultra-bright 3-mode flashlight (far beam, dipped beam, mixed beam) with a power of 5W and 700LM 
  • 5W 700LM ultra-bright reading lamp
  • Super loud 115dB SOS alarm 
  • Comfortable hand strap for easy and comfortable holding 
  • Crank dynamo emergency phone charger

These features make it the best emergency radio for natural disasters, including: 

  • Snowstorms
  • Blizzards
  • Typhoons
  • Tornadoes
  • Earthquakes
  • Floods
  • Outdoor camping

We highly recommend it as the best buy in 2023.

Kampulo 10000mAh Emergency NOAA Weather Radio

Color photo of the green Kampulo 10000mAh Emergency NOAA Weather Radio on a white background.
Green Kampulo 10000mAh Emergency NOAA Weather Radio is available on Amazon.com

This Kamapulo emergency radio is our second-best pick due to its compact size, design and lower price. Weighing less than a pound and featuring a sleek design, this radio can easily fit into small spaces while providing sufficient power to run its lighting and device charging functions for up to 60 hours

Another notable feature is its powerful internal radio receiver. In this age of the Internet of Things, where digital appliances are interconnected, having more power makes it easier to navigate through an emergency. 

A single full battery charge in the Kamapulo 10000mAh Emergency Radio will last up to 60 hours. This single charge is enough for the following:

  • Charge multiple phones.
  • Play several hours of music on the dual-speaker deep bass radio. 
  • Send unlimited emergency SOS warnings with a bright built-in red light. 
  • Continuously operate the reading lamp/flashlight for up to 12 hours

As we mentioned earlier, communication is vital during emergencies. The Kamapulo 10000mAh Emergency Radio has a robust AM/FM/NOAA weather alert receiver that is well-suited for emergencies. 

In addition to clear AM/FM radio reception, you will receive live weather broadcasts from 7 NOAA channels. An extendable antenna ensures good reception at all times.

Other features of this emergency radio include: 

  • Solar power 
  • Crank power 
  • USB Type-C fast charging
  • Flashlight (1.4W) 
  • Reading light (1W) 
  • Loud SOS alarm 
  • Red SOS flashlight 
  • USB port 
  • Headphone jack  

The Kamapulo 10000mAh Emergency Radio is designed to keep you well-prepared during an emergency. With its array of features, we highly recommend it as an upgrade pick.

Leaton XSY340-10000mAh Emergency NOAA Weather Alert Radio & Solar Charging Power Bank

Color photo of the Leaton XSY340-10000mAh Emergency NOAA Weather Alert Radio & Solar Charging Power Bank on a white background.
Leaton XSY340-10000mAh Emergency NOAA Weather Alert Radio & Solar Charging Power Bank.

One of the most important considerations when choosing an emergency radio is its ability to function in extreme situations, such as prolonged power outages. You will want a radio that offers multiple power options. 

The Leaton XSY340 10000mAh Emergency Weather Radio stands out due to its 3 charging options and 2 power source options with the 10000mAh battery and digital readout. The radio can be powered through the following: 

  • Solar charging
  • Hand crank
  • Type C cable fast charge for the internal battery

With these multiple options, the radio will never be inoperable due to a lack of power. 

The large 10000mAh lithium polymer battery provides enough power to meet emergency needs.

  • Emergency Phone Charger
  • Flashlight with Reading lamp: LED Flashlight: 3W; LED Reading light: 2.5W
  • Runtime: AM/FM/WB Radio: 60hr, Flashlight: 70hr, Reading Lamp: 80hr
  • The power of the 2 Lights: LED Flashlight: 3W; LED Reading light: 2.5W
  • SOS Alarm, Auto weather alert and manual SOS button (120dB)
  • 24.8inch Stretchable Antenna
  • Headphone 3.5mm earphone jack
  • Digital LCD screen with time, frequency, battery level, alert
  • Alarm Clock
  • Charging Duration: Hand crank: 17hr; Solar power: 120hr; Adapter: 10 hours

Additionally, you will appreciate the user-friendly radio system that supports AM/FM and NOAA weather radio. This radio features 9 buttons for power, time, volume, tuning, band selection, and scanning making it very easy to use even in extreme situations. 

The 360-degree rotary antennae enhance reception sensitivity, ensuring you do not miss important updates. 

DaringSnail 6000mAh Emergency Solar-Crank Radio

Color photo of a DaringSnail 6000mAh Emergency Solar-Crank Radio on a white background.
DaringSnail 6000mAh Emergency Solar-Crank Radio available on Amazon. Check prices.

This radio has secured a spot on our top 5 list, despite having a smaller battery, due to the peace of mind that comes with its purchase. The manufacturer, DaringSnail, has a reputation for providing excellent customer support throughout the lifetime of their products. 

When you buy this emergency radio, you receive the following:

  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • 18-month replacement promise. 
  • Lifetime support from the manufacturer.  

One notable feature that sets this crank radio apart from the rest is the motion-sensing reading lamp. The reading lamp has an “auto” switch that connects to a motion sensor. It will automatically light up when motion is detected and then dim and turn off after 30 seconds

This feature eliminates the inconvenience of fumbling in the darkness to find your radio. The auto-off function also optimizes battery life by reducing power wastage.  

Another feature of this lamp is the ability to use rechargeable AAA batteries. The emergency lamp can be powered by two 3.7-volt rechargeable batteries, readily available at most convenience stores and online retailers like Amazon. These batteries significantly expand the power storage capacity of your emergency radio.  

The 3-band (AM/FM, NOAA) emergency radio will keep you updated with the latest information, allowing you to make necessary preparations and adjustments to better deal with the emergency. A long antenna enhances reception even in extreme situations.  

Additionally, a 3-mode (dipped beam, far beam, far & dipped beam) super bright flashlight with an illumination distance of up to 66 ft (20 meters) on the far beam and a 2-mode reading light effectively meet your lighting needs.

Other features include:

  • Solar charging
  • Hand cranking
  • USB charging
  • A loud SOS alarm
  • A 6000mAh rechargeable internal battery

This emergency radio is definitely worth considering. With multiple power options and the availability of rechargeable batteries, you won’t run out of power during emergencies.

Givoust 8000mAh Emergency Solar-Hand Crank Radio

Color photo of a Lime green Givoust 8000mAh Emergency Solar-Hand Crank Radio on a white background.
Givoust 8000mAh Emergency Solar-Hand Crank Radio available on Amazon. Check latest prices and discounts.

This emergency radio concludes our list of the top 5 best emergency radios. It is a versatile, powerful, and durable option. 

However, its standout feature is the wrist strap weather alert system. This system is a lifesaver, alerting you about impending severe weather in your area. It sounds an alarm, prompting you to act and make preparations for the upcoming weather hazards.

Furthermore, this radio has multiple USB charging ports, allowing you to charge more than one device using the 8000mAh lithium polymer battery.

The inclusion of a 3.5mm jack enables you to receive alerts and listen to music without disturbing others.

A 3-mode flashlight (far beam, dipped beam, and far & dipped beam) provides ample illumination, with a range of up to 66 ft (20 meters). A 6 LED reading lamp is also included to expand your available lighting options.

Other features of this radio include: 

  • 3 power options (Type C USB fast charge, hand crank, and solar). 
  • A loud SOS alarm. 
  • A mini-compass function. 
  • IPX3 water resistance.

Key Takeaways

An emergency communication radio is an essential component of any emergency preparedness toolkit. These communication devices serve multiple purposes that enhance disaster preparedness, including: 

  • Conveying critical weather alerts
  • Providing short-term power backup
  • Offering lighting solutions
  • Providing entertainment

When shopping for an emergency communication radio, consider one that can handle any situation. The following are just a few considerations to keep in mind:

  • Multiple power options
  • Larger battery capacity
  • Water resistance
  • NOAA connectivity

This guide has listed and analyzed five of the best available emergency communication radios in 2023 to help you make an informed decision.


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